Jax Eliminated Off ‘American Idol’ Finale Part 1

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Tonight was a huge surprise for Jax fans on American Idol as she was eliminated in the first couple minutes of the show, leaving Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham to move on in the competition. This news was a shock for members of the JaxPack who have been rooting for her all season. Jax has truly shown that she’s a star and will do anything to accomplish her dreams as a music artist.

After hearing the announcement, Jax was clearly upset, but put on a brave face as she watched her “goodbye” package from her Idol journey. She was then greeted by hugs from her family and will still be performing in part two of the finale, airing tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. on FOX.

Jax has said from day one that music is her one passion and there is no Plan B for her, so we’re not worried about hearing from her again. With her drive and her talent, this pop rock girl will probably sign a record deal any minute. However, she did have her sights on being the American Idol for season 14, telling the show:

I am the next American Idol. Music is my entire life. I plan on taking over the industry and changing the world…I’ll never stop working. It’s not a matter of “if”…it’s when. I’ve always been a huge fan of the show and I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to grow and inspire people around the world. I know I only have such a small block of time in my life to leave a footprint on this earth before I’m no longer here. I was born to be on stage and touch people with my gift. This is the launching pad of a lifetime …

Stay tuned for more from Jax in the future.