Jon Steindorf Found Safe: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jon Steindorf Missing

(State College Police Department)

On the afternoon of May 11, Steindorf was found safe.

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A Penn State dropout is missing after it was revealed that he never told his family that he had left the school. Jon Steindorf’s parents discovered him gone when they went to his apartment on May 8 to accompany him to what they thought was his graduation. They didn’t know that their son hadn’t enrolled.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Dropped Out Last Fall

The Center Daily Times reports that Steindorf, 23, has been missing since May 8, the same day his family learned that he dropped out of Penn State back in the fall. Steindorf’s dad, Paul, told the Daily Times “We thought he’d graduate, and that was our understanding that he completed fall classes and he delayed graduation until now, but the most recent information we received was he was not on the list to graduate. Apparently he wasn’t enrolled this fall.”

2. There Have Been Sightings of Steindorf

Jon Steindorf Missing

Steindorf pictured with his mother, Joanne. (Facebook)

According to the State College Police Department’s missing persons report, he’s 5-feet-10 and weighs 170 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. The report reads that his family are “concerned for his safety.” The last time he was seen, Steindorf had a red backpack and was on his black bicycle. The Daily Times reports that there have been possible sightings of Steindorf that police are looking into. According to Lt. Bradley Small of the State College police “We have had calls and checked those out. As of this point, nothing.” Steindorf’s mother, Joanne, told the Daily Collegian that “The police have gone through his apartment, talked to his roommate and took his phone for forensic analysis. We’ve been in contact with all of his friends, everybody they know and really are just at a loss as to his whereabouts.”

3. He Used to Be in Penn State’s Marching Band

Penn State's famed marching band. (Getty)

Penn State’s famed marching band. (Getty)

Speaking to Penn State’s The Daily Collegian, one of Steindorf’s friends said the missing man left his wallet and cellphone behind him when he vanished. That friend last saw Steindorf at 11:30 a.m. on May 8. His parents, Paul and Joanne, went to the former student’s apartment along Pugh Street, close to Penn State campus, at 4 p.m to accompany him to graduation. Paul Steindorf told the Daily Times that the family don’t suspect foul play as his son didn’t have any enemies. One of his friends, Sarah Shulbank-Smith, told the Daily Collegian that she and Steindorf were members of Penn State’s famed Blue Band together.

4. His Family Don’t Care That He Dropped Out, They Just Want Him Home

The Steindorf family. (Facebook)

The Steindorf family. (Facebook)

Steindorf’s mother, Joanne, wrote on Facebook that his dropping out doesn’t matter to the family. She added “We love Jon dearly and want him to return safely to his family and friends. If anyone has seen Jon, or has any idea of his whereabouts, please contact me or the State College Police Department.” Paul Steindorf told the Daily Times “We love him and want him to come home to us. That’s all that matters to us is that he’s safe at home.”

5. His Family Are Hoping They Won’t Have to Organize Search Parties

Jon Steindorf Missing Parents

Paul and Joanne Steindorf. (Facebook)

Using the hashtag, “Find Jon,” there is a grass roots campaign started by his friends and family on Twitter to try to locate Steindorf. Friends have also been searching the areas where Steindorf liked to go hiking for any trace of him, they’ve had no luck. His family are stopping short of organizing official search parties in the hope that it doesn’t come to that, reports the Daily Times.