Nadir Soofi Photos: Pictures of Draw Muhammad Gunman


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Too bad Soofi won’t receive e-mail in Hell. But to his living “brothers” – screw you and I hope that pigs shit on your carcasses. (That, BTW, is free speech). Picking a fight here in the U.S. is a bad idea, Mo. And Texas is waaaay the wrong place to bring it on. Suggest you start with some wimpy state (use a search engine and enter liberal, Democratic), or maybe koombayah.


Listen you Dipshi* inviting a fight is just as BAD. There is a limit to free speech when it incites violence and is Hate Speech. You don’t see Muslims cartooning Jesus and Moses or ever desecrating the Bible or the Torah because Muslims believe in Moses and Jesus and also consider the Bible and the Torah as holy books. Shame on the Cartoon organizer for instigating trouble and MISCHIEF!!!


That’s not the Point, I make fun of the ALL religious Myths, Jesus, Moses, Allah, Krishna, Zesus, Mya , Ro , Thor , etc … all types of bronze age mythology. We are not inventing a Fight we are just fighting for FREEDOM. In this country we are FREE to say what we want about things, make fun of things.. and people in this country do NOT have a RIGHT to be NOT OFFEND.

People need to understand things will OFFEND THEM all the time in a FREE country, If something offends you, its not your job to try to CENSOR it or stop it with violence. Its your job to accept it that things will make you mad in a free country, and that these people need to Grow up and mature and learn to accept and tolerate offending viewpoints.

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