WATCH: Good Samaritan Kills Carjacker

Carjacking Suspect Shot by Good SamaritanThe Utah man fired his gun only after the suspect lunged at him for control of the weapon. Watch more at GoodMorningAmerica.com2015-05-05T14:22:07.000Z

A man who used his conceal-carry gun to shoot a perceived carjacker dead has been hailed as a Good Samaritan.

“We feel this man did what he had to do to save his life and that of the woman,” an Orem PD spokesperson said after the 31-year-old hero killed a 26-year-old who ABC News identified as “Talaji Matafeo.”

The man called cops and said he shot a man who was trying to steal a woman’s Mercedes SUV. The dead man’s family called him a defenseless victim though surveillance video appears to show him running away from a car just minutes after a reported assault in the area.

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