1853 Kinney Avenue: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Cincinnati native Ronald Moon posted his first YouTube video on Wednesday. In the three-minute video, Moon, suffering from cuts and gashes on his face, details the story of his attempt at establishing a community center in his town.

After being assaulted by the thugs who had been terrorizing his properties, Moon took to YouTube to vent his frustrations. The video then spread to Facebook and Reddit, where a GoFundMe was established and quickly raised over $30,000.

Here’s what you need to know:

1: 1853 Kinney Avenue Was Originally the Home of Moon’s Father

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Ronald Hood Jr. has been attempting turn his fathers old home into a community center for six months.

In the video, Moon describes the origins of 1853 Kinney Avenue. His father had purchased the house 25 years ago, and Moon has since inherited the property. From Moon’s account, the house is in pretty bad shape, and he has been working tirelessly to restore the building.

Located just down the street from his own residence, Moon has repeatedly returned to 1853 Kinney to find his repairs sabotaged. The day of the video, Moon had the fortune of encountering the individuals who have been damaging the building.

2: Moon Is Trying to Convert the Home Into a Community Center

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Moon finally encountered the people who had been breaking into his property, and they beat him mercilessly.

Ronald’s ultimate goal is to file 1853 Kinney Avenue as a nonprofit organization, and set it up to last for decades. Moon states wearily in his video, “I just want to do something good for my people.”

On his Facebook and on the GoFundMe page, Moon has outlined his plan for the center. His adage is, “If someone can teach it and another can learn it, it is precisely what this place would be interested in housing.” With examples such as gardening, yoga, and creative writing listed, Moon is truly passionate about helping his community in Evanston.

3: Reddit User Juicelee777 Posted to r/videos Thursday Night

Once posted online, the story of Hood;;kkhjs perseverance and message of love spread worldwide.

Once posted online, the story of Hood’s perseverance and message of love spread worldwide.

Cue the viral train. Once posted to reddit, Moon’s story gained even more momentum. People commented about Moon’s genuine pain, not from his wounds, but from his inability to help his fellow man. In the video Moon says that he’s “tired of struggling” but despite his injuries “still loves all (his) people”.

One of the first commenters, a user named WOT_IF_YOUR_LEGS, reached out to Moon about setting up a GoFundMe page. Reddit users flocked to the page, which was also shared on Moon’s Facebook page. A modest goal of $5,000 was immediately smashed. You can add to the total here.

4: A GoFundMe Was Created & Over 1,000 Donations Have Been Made

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Kinney plans to use the funding to pay for nonprofit application fees, as well as feeding volunteers.

On the page created, Ronald outlines his basic plans for his community center. While he describes his eventual goal for the project, he acknowledges it will take many hours and volunteers to see his dream fulfilled.

In the comments section, users have responded with more than money. One is offering his services in music production. Another is offering to build Moon’s center a website, and design a logo. While Moon is hurt by the pain caused by his own people, donators have been inspired by Moon’s struggle and ambition to see change in his neighborhood.

5: Moon Quit His Job 2 Months Ago to Work On the Center Full-Time

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On his Facebook page, Moon tried thanking every individual donor but was soon outpaced by the masses.

Before dedicating most of his time to 1853 Kinney Avenue, Moon was an artist and musician. Moon studied at University of the Arts in Philadelphia before moving back to Cincinnati.

Moon admits on the GoFundMe page that he has struggled to ask for assistance in the restoration process. He states that he has been the only laborer on the house, and that the project has up until now been financially supported only by family and close friends.

Up until now.

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