Chalyce Moore, Warren Sapp’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chalyce Moore

Chalyce Moore, left, with Warren Sapp. (Instagram)

NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has been arrested on domestic violence charges accusing him of biting and stomping on his longtime girlfriend Chalyce Moore, TMZ Sports reports.

Sapp, who was previously accused of domestic violence against a girlfriend in 2010, was charged with three counts of battery constituting domestic violence as a result of an April 28 incident that began at the M Resort in Las Vegas, TMZ reports. The 2010 charges were eventually dropped, ESPN reported at the time.

Sapp recently lost his job as a commentator for NFL Network after he was arrested on solicitation and assault charges while he was in Phoenix, Arizona, for the Super Bowl.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Is Accused of Throwing a Margarita on Moore at the Vegas Hotel’s Pool

Chalyce Moore

Chalyce Moore and Sapp. (Instagram)

According to a police report obtained by TMZ Sports, the incident began with an argument in a private cabana at the M Resort’s pool.

Moore alleges that Sapp threw a margarita in her face and grabbed her by the arm and purse, violently pulling her and almost taking her to the ground. The couple then left the pool in a car toward Moore’s condo. In the car, Moore told police she told Sapp to get out after the arguing continued, but he bit her finger in response.

A video from the hotel was acquired by police, TMZ reports.

2. She Said Got a Concussion After He Stepped on Her Face

Chalyce Moore

Chalyce Moore and Sapp in an Instagram photo. (Instagram)

Moore told police that when she and Sapp got back to her condo, he threw a belt at her and she threw it back, according to police documents acquired by TMZ Sports.

After Moore ended up on the floor, she says Sapp stepped on her face while wearing sandals. Sapp wears size 15 shoes and weighs 300 pounds.

Moore suffered a bruise to her lower lip, abrasions and bruises on her shoulders, bruising on her legs and “a bruise on one of her temples with a checkerboard imprint,” according to TMZ.

She told police she thinks she suffered a concussion after she had symptoms including a stiff neck, headache and was vomiting after the assault.

3. Not Much Is Known About Moore, Who Is an Actress & Model

Chalyce Moore, Warren Sapp girlfriend

Chalyce Moore and Sapp on New Year’s Eve 2014. (Instagram)

While Sapp is an NFL Hall of Famer, Moore, 31, is relatively unknown. She appears in several of Sapp’s Instagram photos, dating back at least one year, but does not have any public social media accounts of her own.

She is an aspiring actress and model, according to an Explore Talent profile in her name.

4. She Was With Sapp During Super Bowl Week & mdash ; Right Before He Was Arrested For Hiring 2 Hookers

Chalyce Moore

Sapp posted this photo on his Instagram page on January 28 with the caption “#Wcw even after the Itis sets in after dinner! #dessertlater” (Instagram)

Instagram posts by Sapp show that Moore was with him in Phoenix, Arizona, during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, and just before he was arrested for soliciting and assaulting two prostitutes.

Photos, including one of a passed-out Moore, were posted by Sapp on January 28. He was arrested February 2, one day after the Super Bowl. In the photo where Moore is passed out in the back of a car, Sapp wrote, “#Wcw even after the Itis sets in after dinner! #dessertlater”

Sapp was charged with two counts of solicitation and two counts of assault after the incident at a downtown Phoenix hotel, The Arizona Republic reported. The women told police that an argument over money turned violent, leaving them with minor injuries.

5. He Pleaded Guilty to Solicitation & Assault Charges Days Before the Alleged Domestic Violence Incident

Warren Sapp — Video Of Hooker Arrest | TMZ SportsAt one point during the interview, Sapp realizes he's going to jail — and has a been of a mental breakdown. Click 'SHOW MORE' for related content… Warren Sapp — Video Of Hooker Arrest … 'Stop Talking And Oral Me' Warren Sapp — Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute (Update) Don 'Magic' Juan — FREE…2015-04-20T20:16:01Z

Sapp pleaded guilty to one count of soliciting a prostitute and one count of assault in Arizona court on April 24, four days before the alleged domestic violence incident in Las Vegas. He avoided jail time in the plea agreement.

The Arizona Republic reported that the solicitation charge was dropped in May after Sapp completed a diversion program. He has until April 24, 2016 to complete the Positive Alternatives Diversion Program on the assault charge, the newspaper reported.

It’s not known if his latest arrest will impact that plea agreement. According to the newspaper, Sapp could face jail time, probation and restitution and fees if he doesn’t abide by the terms of the deal.

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