James Boulware Photos: Pictures of Dallas Shooting Suspect

James Boulware has been identified as the suspect who opened fire from an armored van outside the Dallas Police Department headquarters. No officers were shot. Boulware was later shot by police during a standoff in Hutchins, Texas, after several hours of negotiations.

Read more about Boulware here and about the shootout here.



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No dummy…Being a Mentally ill Psycho, Randomly shooting up Police Stations and threating to do the same to schools and churches, DOESN’T do anything to slow down the growing Police State. It just solidifies it. This idiot will now be used as a posterboy to enact even more unconstitutional laws and enact even MORE Police Powers.

Are you really that stupid, or just a troll?


The suspect’s social media comments raise gang stalking red flags:

Complaints against illegal activities in the Navy;
Father worked on nuclear I.C.B.M. systems in Ukraine (both father, suspect and all families had to have top Q clearance for inadvertent disclosure).
Suspect brings up organized crime and local political corruption regarding the judge in his custody case.

All of this is being reflexively labeled “delusional”, without consideration, in the context of these highly unusual circumstances, despite what is known and documented about mobbing related violence: