Noelle Bush: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Noelle Bush Drugs

Noelle Bush pictured in 2003. (Getty)

It was back in 2002 when her uncle was in the White House that Noelle Bush made national headlines as she was arrested and accused of numerous drug offenses. Now 37, Noelle Bush has all-but disappeared from public life. That’s likely to change as of June 15, 2015 when her father, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, announces his run for the White House in 2016. In a November 2015 interview, Bush said his daughter “went through hell…And so did her mom and so did her dad. And it was in a private setting, but then it became very public when I was Governor. And it wasn’t easy.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Spent Less Than 2 Weeks in Jail as a Result of Her Charges

Noelle Bush Mugshot


In 2002, Noelle was arrested after she tried to forge a Xanax prescription in Tallahassee. As a result, a judge sentenced her to rehab. In July 2002, she was jailed for three days for breaking the rules of her program. Then, in October 2002, Noelle was sentenced to ten days in prison after some crack was found in her shoe at the rehab center. In August 2003, she finally completed the program, telling a judge at the time “It’s been quite a challenge.” CNN reported that her facility was located in Florida. She is the middle child of Jeb and Columba Bush, born in 1977 in Texas. Jeb Bush told CNN “My daughter’s not perfect. I love her dearly.” Columba Bush told a reporter in 2002 that her daughter’s addiction were a result of Noelle being born into a political family.

2. Her Mother Sits on the Board of an Anti-Drug Center in New York

Jeb Bush, Columba Bush

Jeb and Columba Bush. (Getty)

The Washington Post reports that Columba Bush is on the board of CASAColumbia, a national anti-drug group based at Columbia University. The founder of the center, Joseph A. Califano, told the Post “God knows, I’ve known a lot of political wives. She is not a traditional political wife.” Califano added that Columba’s personal experiences made her voice authentic at the center’s meetings and fund raisers.

3. Noelle Bush Now Leads ‘a Normal Life’ Working at One of Her Father’s Businesses

Noelle Bush now works as the office manager at Empower Software Soultions, according to her LinkedIn page. Online records show that Jeb Bush sites on the board of Empower. She lists her duties as “Answer phones, office support & management. Research for market base.”

Her page says that she previously worked for the Center for Drug Free Living. Noelle graduated from Tallahassee Community College in 1999 and Florida State University in 2002 with a degree in leisure and recreation.

4. Jeb Bush Wished the Media Would Leave Noelle Alone

Republican candidates for president in 2016, Jeb Bush for president in 2016


In May 2015, Jeb Bush released a bank of emails that showed he wished the media would leave his daughter alone. The messages were released in the interest of transparency in lieu of a run for the White House in 2016. It was in January 2003 when Jeb Bush emailed a Miami Herald reporter saying “It won’t matter in the whole scheme of things but I wish the media would leave my daughter alone. It would make it a whole lot easy [sic] for her to recover.” He later added “The only reason you wrote the piece, or were told to write the piece, is that my struggling daughter is the child of the Governor.”

5. She Isn’t the Only One of Jeb Bush’s Kids to Have Legal Problems

George P. Bush Arrest record

George P. Bush has had a colorful legal history. (Wikipedia)

During George W. Bush’s 2000 Presidential Campaign it was revealed that, George P. Bush, Jeb Bush’s son, had been arrested in 1998. The younger George was accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home when he was 18 and drunk. He faced no charges in the case after the girl’s parents refused to press the issue.




WTF?! Why does anyone *need” to know anything about this crack whore? Slow news day??

Marvin Thayer

Oh boo fucking hoo for her. She was also born into the lap of luxury. The next generations are just as hypocritical as the last two. The whiny bitch had everything handed to her, and still does through her daddy. They are all worthless and pathetic.


Their remarks are cruel, but true. She was given next to no punishment at the same time teenagers were thrown in jail. Obviously, the rules don’t apply to them.


Daaammmm Marvin… what the hell are you so salty about? Actin like you know the bitch. Just cause yo ass broke and aint no one ever gave you damm thang dont mean you gotta hate on everyone else that got shit. player hater of the year! dam boy, you go at it


Nothing “salty” about pointing out the hypocrisy of politicians who get elected (in part) on being “tough on crime,” throwing the book at “drug addict” criminals, but expect allowances to be made for their poor, innocent, “troubled” offspring.
And every penny her dad ever got came from his exploiting his last name and his family connections (we won’t even mention stealing an election for his brother, who then “kept us safe” by allowing bin Laden to commit utterly unimpeded the worst-ever attack on Americans — that’s a whole ‘nother rant). That’s YOUR taxes he’s gotten rich off of. Glad you’re doing so well that you clearly don’t care about that. But some of us work hard for our livings.


smartalek..If Clinton (Bubba…not the bitch) had done HIS job, George W. would not have had to deal with Bin Laden and many lives would have been saved, including my boss’s. And since you seem so high on the silver spoon theory, let’s take a look at Chelsea. My daughter was her school Valedictorian and got straight As in a top 50 university in Journalism. She is a morning anchor in a small market. After 2 1/2 years as a reporter, busting her ass for 5 stories a week (and this isn’t with a cameraman and editor..she did it all), she earns $38K a year. Chelsea, the professional student, got paid a scion wage of $600K a year from NBC and didn’t produce anything. Now she runs the corrupt Clinton Foundation and has a net worth of $15M. Privileged? Hypocritical? What do you think, Smartie? And as far as the tax thing goes, my average Federal tax bill is about $75K a year. What’s yours? How much are YOU contributing from your “hard work?” Frankly, I am LMFAO at the privileged (read: rich and pampered) crybabies rioting in the streets near Yale, Harvard and Berkeley because they can’t possible live with a Trump presidency. I’ve voted in 10 presidential elections and half the time my guy lost. Oh, and my brother was a crack addict. Was making over $100K a year as a software developer but after several rehabs just couldn’t stay clean. He got a felony conviction and served 4 months in jail for being pulled over with $75 of cocaine in a bag. But back to my point, don’t preach about the Bushes and the favoritism extended to them without pointing out the Clintons. And let’s see how well the Obama children do. Gee…I’m on pins and needles.


I understand your animus towards the Bush Family but you are exposing ignorance of the horror of substance abuse. It is a disease I would not wish upon the family of my worst enemy.
It is a very serious disease and for a family to survive such an ordeal is nearly miraculous. I am sure they live in constant fear of her relapsing, never resting easy. Pray for them.