WATCH: Rachel Dolezal Music Videos by Ex-Fiance

Rachel Dolezal, music videos, Maurice Turner, youtube


Before NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal was exposed for being white, not black, she was the subject of music video “love letters” made by her ex-fiance Maurice Turner. According to the Daily Mail, Turner is a Mississippi musician whom Dolezal was briefly engaged to from December 2012 to February.

Rachel Dolezal, music videos, Maurice Turner, youtube

Rachel Dolezal and her ex-fiance, Maurice Turner. (Facebook)

During this time, Turner wrote and produced music videos about Dolezal and starred her, too. Titles include “For the Rest of My Life” and “Dreamgirl Slideshow.” You can watch them below.

Dolezal made news during a June 11 interview when a KLXY reporter asked her point blank if both of her parents were white. Dolezal evaded answering the question, but it turns out that they are. You can read more about Dolezal and the scandal that followed her outing here.

1. For the Rest of My Life

“this song is written for and dedicated to the one and only LOVE OF MY LIFE…my sweetheart, my DREAMGIRL, my future wife…Rachel Dolezal…I love you! THIS IS OUR YEAR!”

2. Dreamgirl Slideshow

“Happy Birthday Baby”