Is Rachel Dolezal Transracial? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Raw interview with Rachel DolezalRachel Dolezal, president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, talks to KXLY4's Jeff Humphrey about several hate crimes she's reported over the years, but walks away from the interview when asked questions about her ethnicity.2015-06-11T21:46:14Z

The head of a NAACP chapter in Washington isn’t even black. That’s according to 37-year-old Rachel Dolezal’s mother, Ruthanne, who has publicly disclosed her daughter’s birth certificate showing that Dolezal was born to two white parents.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Dolezal Walked Away From an Interviewer When Asked About Her Race

During an interview on June 11 by a KLXY reporter, Dolezal was asked point blank if both of her parents were white. The NAACP head was then presented with a photo by the reporter showing two white people and was pressed again about her parents. Dolezal didn’t answer and walked away from the questioning, leaving behind her purse and keys. She then holed up in a clothing store in Spokane. Where Dolezal is the head of the NAACP chapter. According to her LinkedIn page, Dolezal was elected as president of the chapter back in November 2014. She’s also the chairperson of the Police Ombudsman Commission in Spokane and works as an ethnic hairstylist. In a press release about the allegations, the NAACP says:

Baltimore, MD – For 106 years, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has held a long and proud tradition of receiving support from people of all faiths, races, colors and creeds. NAACP Spokane Washington Branch President Rachel Dolezal is enduring a legal issue with her family, and we respect her privacy in this matter. One’s racial identity is not a qualifying criteria or disqualifying standard for NAACP leadership. The NAACP Alaska-Oregon-Washington State Conference stands behind Ms. Dolezal’s advocacy record. In every corner of this country, the NAACP remains committed to securing political, educational, and economic justice for all people, and we encourage Americans of all stripes to become members and serve as leaders in our organization.

Hate language sent through mail and social media along with credible threats continue to be a serious issue for our units in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation. We take all threats seriously and encourage the FBI and the Department of Justice to fully investigate each occurrence.

2. Her Parents Adopted 4 African-American Children

Rachel Dolezal Father Facebook

In a Facebook post about her father visiting the Spokane NAACP chapter, Dolezal posted this photo. This man is not her father.

Her mother, Ruthanne, told the Spokane Spokesman-Review that she and her husband adopted four African-American children. It was then that Dolezal began to “disguise herself,” according to her mother. Ruthanne Dolezal added:

It’s very sad that Rachel has not just been herself. Her effectiveness in the causes of the African-American community would have been so much more viable, and she would have been more effective, if she had just been honest with everybody.

Now, Rachel Dolezal told the Spokesman-Review, that these allegations are part of an ongoing family feud.

3. Dolezal Lectures on African-American Studies

Rachel Dolezal white


According to one online profile, Dolezal is an “Art Instructor at North Idaho College, Adjunct Professor of African American Culture at Eastern Washington University, Advisor for the NIC Black Student Association, speaker, education consultant, and exhibiting artist.” In that profile, she gives her location as being in Idaho. Dolezal was born in Montana. On her Facebook page, she lists one of her favorite quotes as “Only a fool would let his enemy educate his children.” A saying which comes from Malcolm X.

4. She’s Attracting Huge Criticism on Twitter

Since the allegations emerged about Dolezal, her name and the word “Transracial” have become trending topics on Twitter. It’s noted by CNN that Dolezal is being compared to Caitlyn Jenner in a derogatory manner.

5. Her Artistic Work Has Been Displayed at the United Nations Building in New York City



According to a blog that Dolezal uses to sell her artwork, she’s “an award-winning Mixed Media Artist with over 20 exhibitions in 13 states, internationally, and at the United Nations Headquarters.” Dolezal studied Fine Art at Howard University as per her LinkedIn page.

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