AquaVault Enjoys ‘Explosive’ Growth Since ‘Shark Tank’: Interview with Co-Founder

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AquaVault originally entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 and secured a deal with Daymond. Heavy caught up with co-founder and managing partner, Jonathan Kinas to see how the company has grown in the time after the show. Here is what he told us about…

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Daymond’s Involvement & Mentorship

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Overall, he has much more involvement than we ever expected when first making the deal. We have full access to his entire team and we can call him whenever we want…Daymond has been instrumental in the execution of our overall game plan. He is extremely open to communication and strategizes with us on a frequent basis. He has brought key relationships to the table and continues to provide certain insight that only a veteran would possess.

How the Company’s Grown Since the ‘Tank’

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Our growth has been explosive. We have landed more hotels, water parks, cruise ships and theme parks around the world. We are in discussions with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies with regards to making custom made AquaVaults. We have done business in every state in the US and have sold to countless customers around the world.

Advice For Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

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Make sure you are extremely passionate about your product. If not, the Sharks will see right through you. Know your business in and out and make sure you are over prepared for your pitch. Be able to articulate your focal points and make sure that you absolutely know your numbers. The Sharks want to make sure that not only do you have a great product, but you have the potential to be a great partner. They have to believe in your vision and make sure you are open to taking advice.

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