BedRyder Grows 250% After ‘Shark Tank’ With No Deal: Interview with the Owner

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BedRyder entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 and although owner Carey Hyde did not get a deal, his truck seat company is thriving. Right before his Tank debut, we interviewed him about the company. Today, as his episode is re-airing, we caught up with him to see how they have grown since the show.

Even without an investment from the Sharks, his sales are up 250 percent. As a result, they are moving to a larger facility. Hyde has used some of the Sharks’ assessments for the betterment of his business. As far as the piece of advice he valued most, he said, “Mark Cuban had the best assessment in my opinion, regarding the financial exposure of carrying a large inventory and forecasting sales volumes to turn quickly. This can be difficult balance.”

When he appeared on the show, the product was only compatible in trucks, but now Hyde is planning on expanding to service jeeps and side-by-side UTVs. When asked what he learned from his Tank experience, Hyde answered:

We have taken some of the Sharks advice and I am working on BedRyder full-time now. We are also putting our marketing emphasis on BedRyder being a Fun, recreational product. We did not drive it off a cliff as Mr. Wonderful suggested.

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