WATCH: Man Removes Confederate Flag Off Truck in Traffic

A video showing an African-American man running up behind a truck stuck in slow traffic and removing a Confederate battle flag from its trailer has gone viral.

According to the YouTube description of the video:

The truck in the video appears to be a part of “TRIBE Transportation, Inc.,” a company ironically owned by a Native American woman.

When reached by phone, TRIBE Executive Vice-Preisdent Matt Handte declined specific comment on the video.

“Any issue like that we’d handle internally,” he said. “Regardless of what happened, that’s something we’d handle internally.”

The Confederate flag has increasingly come under scrutiny as a symbol of racial hatred. Last month, Bree Newsome was arrested after she climbed the flag pole outside the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia to remove the Confederate flag in protest.


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Idiot. He should be locked up for theft. What does the company need to be contacted for? Contact the thief. Well buddy boy, now that you stole someone’s property , how’s it all working now in the black community? You know, like the amazing effect this flag has on… for instance the unbelievable murder rate in Chicago and Balto. Whew, now that he stole that flag…all is better now. Sheesh. Smh. If only the truck driver had backed up…then all would be right.


Exactly. Who made this guy judge and jury and gave him the right to take that flag? That isn’t how things are supposed to be done in the Land of the Free. Yes, contact the company and tell them you’re offended and you’d like to see the flag removed, they may take it down and they may not. But you can’t just steal it off the back of the truck!!! I guess everyone has freedom of speech except white southern males.

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