Brandon Claxton: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brandon Claxton

Brandon Claxton. (Facebook)

A 16-year-old boy was left paralyzed after he was shot by a police officer Saturday night in St. Louis, Missouri, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Brandon Claxton, who is black, was shot three times by a white officer, police said. He was holding a gun and pointed it at the officer, police claim. Claxton suffered a graze wound to his head and gunshot wounds to the arm and abdomen.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say the Officer Feared for His Safety After Claxton Refused to Drop the Gun

St. Louis Police said in a press release that the incident began Saturday morning when a woman reported that a gun had been stolen from her home. She called police that night and said she saw a man she believed to be in possession of the stolen gun. Several officers responded to Hodiamont Avenue.

The officers said that when they arrived, at about 7:15 p.m., they saw the suspect, later identified as Brandon Claxton, and another person running toward them. Claxton and the other person then turn to run in the opposite direction. The teens change of direction took them toward other officers, who said they saw Claxton running at them with what they thought was a gun in his hand, police said.

“The officer told the suspect to drop the gun and the suspect refused,” police said. “Fearing for his safety, the officer fired his department-issued weapon at the suspect, striking him.”

Claxton was taken into custody and then to the hospital. Police said a .40 caliber gun was found at the scene, believed to be the one the woman reported stolen Saturday morning.

The officer, a 29-year-old white male with seven years of service, was put on administrative leave, per department policy. The shooting is being investigated by the Force Investigative Unit.

The officer was the only one to fire shots, and police believe he fired four times. He was about 15 to 20 feet away, Police Chief Sam Dotson said, based on video that shows the shooting. The video has not been released because the investigation is ongoing, Dotson said. He said the gun officers recovered was loaded, and had a bullet in the chamber.

“An individual, with a stolen gun, is running towards officers, and an officer used deadly force because he thought it was a situation where deadly force was authorized, was needed,” Dotson said at a press conference. “And nobody else was injured. So you can say ‘what if, what if,’ let’s look at the facts of what happened tonight.”

2. Witnesses Say Claxton ‘Didn’t Point the Gun’ at the Officer

Brandon Claxton

Claxton, left, holds a “Black Lives Matter” sign a few months before he was shot. (Facebook)

Witnesses told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that they didn’t see Claxton point the gun at the officers.

“If he had a gun, he didn’t point it at him,” Rita Collins told the newspaper. “Cameras don’t lie. If they look at the cameras they will see the truth.”

She said two other officers didn’t shoot, and the officer who did “shot that boy for no reason.”

Witnesses told the Post-Dispatch that there were 30 people in the area of the shooting, and some were in the line of fire. A little girl ran from the scene and left her shoes behind, Collins told the newspaper.

“The boy fell where the little girl was playing by the slide. Her shoes was right there,” Collins said. “He was wrong for shooting around those kids when the boy did not pose a threat. They can’t protect no one — that’s putting them in harm’s way.”

3. His Mother Says She Hasn’t Been Able to See Her Son

Brandon Claxton


Police said Claxton is listed in serious, but stable, condition. His mother told the Post-Dispatch that he was paralyzed by the shooting. His mother, Antoinette Liggins, said she hasn’t been able to see him because he is in police custody.

She told KSDK that the bullet went through his stomach and hit his spine, so he’ll never walk again.

Claxton’s brother, Anthony, was with him at the scene and was arrested on a probation violation.

Liggins said her son “shouldn’t have had the gun,” but told the Post-Dispatch, “They didn’t have to shoot him down like that.”

4. His Sister Was Killed in a Shooting in 2008

Brandon Claxton


Liggins told the Post-Dispatch that her daughter, Brenda Liddell, was killed in a shooting when she was 14. Liddell was sitting on her porch when she was shot by accident, the newspaper reports.

A 15-year-old boy was charged with reckless homicide in the shooting and was released at 18.

5. Protesters Gathered Outside the Police Headquarters & Some Were Arrested

Protesters gathered outside the St. Louis Police headquarters Sunday night to protest the shooting and demand answers to questions they and Claxton’s family have about what happened.

According to reports on Twitter, police made several arrests.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Monday that nine people, eight adults and a juvenile, were arrested during the protest.

Police told the newspaper seven were arrested for impeding the flow of traffic and two for failure to disperse. Four were also charged with resisting arrest and had pepper spray used on them. One was taken to the hospital after complaining of an elevated heart rate after being sprayed, police said.




Cop says drop your gun and you don’t? And anyone is surprised he got shot? Wtf is wrong with people? Cops are the law, you kind of need to respect their authority or pay the price like this jackass.


Evidently you’ve missed the point where the cops have said he did this – cops being very well-known for blatantly lying to cover their asses – but witnesses say otherwise. Also there’s no way you respect the police when they are set-up to act with prejudice against you, to the point of breaking the law themselves – the way the police are in America it doesn’t matter if you act respectfully or not, they have literally murdered children and gotten away with it so it doesn’t matter how nice you are to some of these people…if you’re black you’re still fucked.


I got something funny to say!!! At least lets see how funny we find this??? Have you ever known a cop to go into a medical or law school or any college for this matter and kill a black kid? As black people have we noticed that 95% of these police shootings involved the black person to have some type of involvement in a crime? It’s few and far between that a cop have shot somebody and it was a person that the cop picked out the crowd and had never been involved in nothing and for reason just gunned them down. Drop the gun means STOP WHAT YOU DOING AND PUT IT DOWN!! That simple so there is no confusion!! Everybody want to say the officer used deadly force and in my opinion when you use a gun regardless of who you are that is your intention. There may be some bad police but police that encounter ANYBODY black green or blue man woman or child has a right to go home to his family. Why should he think twice about somebody with gun? If you got a gun I would think that you are going to use it. What FOOL would let you shoot them first to satisfy a bunch of ignorant people protesting and acting like they don’t understand it’s easier to teach and raise their kids instead of having to bury them and protest about it. Especially when these parents know in their hearts what their kids were involved in and had been talking and trying to get that kid to change. Stop entertaining the media. You know in your heart where things went wrong and I’m sure you see now what you could have done differently.

kyle stone

Stop pretending to be an African American. It is just dumb.


seriously, like 99% of all deaths by police regardless of race the person is involved in a crime. not committing crimes almost guarantees you won’t get shot at by police.


So unfortunate that the factor of being black matters. The facts are he had a gun! A stolen gun on top of that! That more than likely in that neighborhood it was stolen from a black woman house! Now let’s ask ourselves what was he going to do with this gun? Truth be told police might have just saved my life, my son’s life or yours! Stop making excuses he had no good intentions. If he did he would have been where his mom was visiting in the neighborhood and not finding trouble with his brother that is already in trouble. Brother arrested on a probation violation?? Come on black parents let’s be accountable!! Why these black kids don’t know where their parents are because apparently these black parents are not watching their kids. Yes I’m a black mother of 5 boys and at one point I was a single mother raising my 21 & 22 years old boys. I can’t say they are 100% angels but I can say they are a good product in society. I kept them busy in sports and activities. I stayed involved and put my life second when I became a mother. Yes I said this and there are no excuses for these unrudely kids causing their own deaths and finding trouble instead of going in the other direction. Not saying the mom is the blame but I’m sure this wasn’t his first sign of going in the wrong direction. He had choices and not his choice will affect everybody around him because now the system want have to worry bout him being involved in any more crime. They will release him and this mom will truly see that it would have been much easier to watch him and know what he was involved in without being made to do it. She will definitely know his whereabouts now. Smh. No disrespect ment, I just speaking truth and I’m truly sorry these parents have to learn the hard way. As black parents let’s take initiative to get our kids off these streets! Let’s stop being victims and be accountable! DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE??

kyle stone

Good point. The cop who shot and killed Walter Scott as he ran away empty handed proved without a doubt cops can be trusted over everyone else.


yeah because that one specific incident really proved without a doubt that all cops are murderers. that’s how you sound right now.


No sympathy for this moron. If he truly believed “Black Lives Matter”, he wouldn’t have stolen a gun! And for being an unemployed mother, she isn’t keeping good enough tabs on her kids. I find it disgusting that people are standing up for garbage-no questions asked!


Who said SHE was unemployed know ya facts fucking ass wipe in if we didnt have know it all jackass like yourself we wouldnt have to worry about holding BLACK LIVES MATTER SIGNS


I read it in a St. Louis news site. If you can’t write without using curse words, you should reevaluate your life decisions. Lives matter when you start taking care of yours.


Absolutely zero reason for including her employment status.

You’re assuming that he stole the gun…isn’t it innocent until proven guilty?
Yet you’re okay with not only assuming that he stole the gun, but also with the police shooting a teen boy for that reason (only have their word that he pointed a gun at them, lord knows the police are well-known for lying about these things – while police keep killing black men, women, and children…while refusing to be transparent…we can’t believe that is true).


93% of all black americans killed are killed by other blacks. Why will you COMPLETELY ignore every one of those black lives? You’ll ONLY talk about the rare occasions when a black person is killed by a cop so you can USE the incident to justify your world view that you’re oppressed and held back and that’s why you haven’t reached your potential.

It’s sad, really. You’re totally brainwashed by the same mainstream media that you say you’re against. ONLY cop on black murders are being hyped up to make you feel like a victim. You say #blacklivesmatter but you totally ignore the main killer of blacks, BY FAR. It’s rather sick.

kyle stone

That 93% claim is completely false and only racists love to spread false claims to try and justify their racism. Even if that number was an accurate 99% it would do nothing to justify cops needlessly killing citizens.


That percentage is very close to the number of whites killed by whites. It has nothing to do with cops killing people.


He didn’t become a criminal overnight, Kasha. The gun he had WAS discovered to be the gun that was stolen. I’m going to believe the non-gangbanger in this situation. Transparency? This JUST happened. Do you think any part of the government works quickly with anything?




No, they kill them cuz they do dumb shit. They get away with it bcuz black mothers keep teaching their kids to be idiots. So therefore, they can justify their actions. If white kids were getting killed, y’all wouldn’t be blaming the cops. None of us were alive during slavery, get over it. We all live in the same world n have the same consequences. Use ur f’ing brain.


You do realize the gun was reported stolen hours before he was found with it, right? And he ran with it through a playground with young children… did those lil kids black lives matter? Fucking idiot.




you can raise a child to be anything. if you discipline your child and teach them to respect people you raise a good person. if you don’t discipline your child, don’t teach them what consequences are, let them do whatever they want including bad things, then they’re going to do bad things when they grow up, as in committing crimes. you obviously have no idea what parenting is, please never have a kid, i’d hate to see another retard running around.

Double Standards

The law is the law, no matter what you think. If the scumbag cop’s life wasn’t threatened, he had no business shooting the boy. The only reason he did that is because he felt he could get away with it. If cops think there would be retaliation of equal measures when they recklessly kill persons of color I believe they would operate with more care. That’s why they don’t shoot other whites. Because they fear the repercussion. Scumbag cops…


no cop doesn’t think there would be retaliation, retarded motherfuckers rioting over criminals getting shot just because they’re black… there’s probably going to be a riot for this dude as well, whether he really pointed the gun at the cop or not…


You people come making assumptions when you dont know nothing about nothing should be ashamed of your self’s…I know this family he’s a stupid kid that’s exactly what he is he was taught right but you know how you did stuff your parents told you not to do yes its one of those situations


Having premarital sex or smoking weed is one thing, but stealing a gun and running from cops is another. Why is this criminal’s actions and CONSEQUENCES worth protesting over?


Are you saying only one race does these things, Jimbo? Who is mentioning race?

kyle stone

Why? Why even waste the energy to try and justify your racism? You know and we know your racism is a sad corner of your world and it will not help to make unsubstantiated allegations against someone who is not paralyzed.


If you are referring to my earlier comment about sex and drugs, I was mentioning my own transgressions. Stealing a gun is in a whole different class of crime. Everyone makes their own choices, and he has to live with his consequences. Stay in school, Pugsley.


Police live too shoot and kill blacks

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