EmazingLights’ Success After ‘Shark Tank’ Deal: Interview with CEO Brian Lim

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EmazingLights entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with their LED gloves and rave lights. He secured a deal with both Mark and Daymond. Heavy caught up with CEO and founder Brian Lim to see what the company has been up to since the show. Here is what he told us about…

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Their Tremendous Growth

They have enjoyed exponential growth since debuting on the Tank. Their significant advancements include a partnership with MGM hotels and the opening of four new stores in the US and one in Canada. They also launched gloving competitions and leagues at all of their retail locations.

Introducing A New Product

Since the show, the company has released a new motion reaction glove set. Buy the eLite Element LED Glove Set here. The new product has gone on to be a bestseller. Another one of their high sellers is the Orbite X 2, which you can also buy here.

Their New Philanthropy

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The company has also added a philanthropic component and created a nonprofit called Glove for Glove. The organization gives away gloves to disabled festival fans. The gloves work as a kind of therapy in the form of movement. Moses A., who heads up the company’s philanthropic efforts, told us, “This initiative of ours was inspired by a guy named Matthew who is paraplegic and also has cerebral palsy. His left arm works but his right arm doesn’t do much. One day his older brother gave him a pair of gloves to dance with and after gloving for about two months, the finger dexterity in his hand had increased and the mobility in his arm was improved by at least tenfold.”

Collaborating With Mark & Daymond

As far as their involvement goes, Lim told us, “Mark has been wonderful with same day response times. He offers guidance and his teams expertise in technology. They have helped a lot with press publications. We are still trying to work out some licensed deals with Daymond.”

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