WATCH: Gay Social Experiment in Moscow

YouTube channel ChebuRussiaTV conducted a social experiment in Russia, filming two men holding hands and walking in Moscow. They are harassed and nearly beaten.

The video was created in reaction to gay marriage being legalized nationwide in the United States and is filmed in a similar way to Shoshana Roberts’ 10-hour walk through New York City. In the above video, two men decide to walk holding hands. They are continuously called “f**gots” and other derogatory names. At the end, a man walks through their hands red rover-style and a confrontation begins where they are almost beaten.

Watch it above. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Russia is normal, the WEST is not. Most of America is against SSM but the SC illegally overruled the Constitution and created a false SSM “right” where none existed. SSM will be reversed in America in the future.

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