Josh Greenberg Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Josh Greenberg, co-founder of Grooveshark, was found dead by his girlfriend. He was 28 years old. Here is what we know so far.

1. His Girlfriend Found Him Dead in His Bedroom

Greenberg’s girlfriend, Abby Mayer, found him dead in his bed in Gainesville, Florida, on Sunday night, July 19, according to The Gainesville Sun. She had been out of town for the weekend and had last spoke to him at 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. She found him when she returned home Sunday at 7 p.m.

2. The Police Have Not Found Any Evidence of Drugs or Foul Play

According to The Gainesville Sun, the medical examiner is baffled by what could have happened. Police did not find any evidence of foul play, drugs, or injuries. A toxicology report will take several months to come in, but Greenberg’s mother, Lori Greenberg, told police that the autopsy revealed no clue as to what happened. The Gainesville Police Department also reported that there was no evidence of suicide.

3. Greenberg Was Not Sick or Taking Any Prescriptions

Greenberg’s mother and girlfriend both said that he wasn’t sick and he hadn’t been prescribed any medication, The Gainesville Sun reported. The medical examiner was baffled, his mother told police.

4. Greenberg’s Mother Said He Was Not Depressed about Grooveshark Being Shut Down

Grooveshark, an online music streaming application, was shut down following an April 30 settlement. The company was sued for $17 billion in copyright infringement by Sony Music Entertainment, Universal, and Warner Music Group, according to Rolling Stone. Lori Greenberg said that her son was relieved about Grooveshark being shut down — not depressed — because it meant the lawsuit was no longer hanging over him, The Gainesville Sun reported. Greenberg and Sam Tarantino founded Grooveshark in 2006 and at its peak, the company had 145 employees and 40 million users.

5. Greenberg Was Working on a New Music Application

Greenberg was working on a new music application while also focusing much of his time on helping new entrepreneurs, according to The Gainesville Sun. Duncan Kabinu, co-founder of Starter Space in Gainesville, Florida, met with Greenberg on the Friday before his death. They worked on a computer programming school called Gainesville Dev Academy. Greenberg liked to mentor new entrepreneurs and software developers.