#PrimeDayFail: The Tweets You Need to Read

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Disappointed and angry customers took to Twitter on Wednesday to express their disappoint with Amazon’s Prime Day sales, using #PrimeDayFail.

Amazon billed the sale day as having bigger and better deals than Black Friday. The hype led competitors, including Walmart, to promote similar sales on Wednesday. But Amazon customers found that most of the good products were quickly sold out and the deals weren’t as great as anticipated.

Customers found that many of items on sale, ranging from out-of-date electronics to a giant barrel of lube (marked down 46 percent to $1,361.80) weren’t what they were looking for.

But we did find some great deals to be had, which you can check out here.

Amazon said the day was a success, despite the negative reaction on social media.

“Prime Day has been exciting so far,” Amazon said in a statement to CNN Money. “We strive to have Earth’s largest selection so deals range across all 40 product categories including back-to-school supplies, outdoor items, fashion, beauty and even things to stock-up your cupboards.”

Later Wednesday, Amazon told CNN, “Prime Day peak order rates have already surpassed 2014 Black Friday.”

Here are some of the best tweets:

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