Randall Smith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Randall Smith, a U.S. Navy logistics specialist, has been identified as the fifth fatality of the shooting at a Chattanooga military recruitment center on Thursday. Smith had undergone surgery on Friday afternoon but reports emerged on Saturday morning that the Petty Officer 2nd Class had died from his injuries.

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez is allegedly responsible for the shooting rampage that also resulted in the death of four Marines. Here’s what you need to know about Smith:

1. Smith is a Logistics Specialist in the U.S. Navy

The 26-year-old was serving as a U.S. Navy logistics specialist and, according to his family, had recently reenlisted.

His step-grandmother, Darlene Proxmire told CBS Radio News:

He was a very passionate, loving young man, loved his family, and obviously he loved his country. He loved the Navy. As a matter of fact, just before this happened, he joined up again, and then this happened.

Navy logistics specialists are tasked with maintaining ship or company military supply stores and fall under the authority of a supply officer. The position was established as a result of the merger of the Storekeeper and Postal Clerk in October 2009. The job requires the individual to also operate Navy post offices.

2. He Was, Reportedly, Shot Three Times & ‘His Wounds Are Very Extensive’

According to his family, Smith was shot three times and suffered wounds in his right arm, back and stomach. His family was quickly identified and informed of his status. Smith’s cousin, Tania Daugherty, told Stars and Stripes:

When my aunt called me, she said, ‘Pray,’ because they called Randall’s wife and said, ‘Bring your pastor. They said his wounds are very extensive, more surgeries to come. They said they hit his liver and colon.

3. Smith Underwent Surgery on Thursday Afternoon

Smith underwent surgery in Chattanooga on Thursday afternoon, according to Daugherty. She added that by midafternoon, Smith was “still in the operating room and in critical condition.”

According to Stars and Stripes, Smith had made it out of surgery by 5 p.m. on Thursday but had been taken to the trauma intensive care unit. The long-time member of the Navy was, reportedly on a ventilator and had been giving approximately 150 units of blood.

4. He & His Wife, Angie, Have Three Daughters

Smith and his wife Angie are parents to three daughters. The pair, per Smith’s Facebook page, have been married since January 14, 2011. All three children are, reportedly, six years old or younger. Smith posted this on his Facebook page on Father’s Day this year:

5. Smith Previously Lived in Ohio

Smith, who had moved to Chattanooga when he reenlisted in the Navy, had grown up in Paulding, Ohio. His extended family, including his step-grandmother who has spoken with the media, currently lives in Cecil, Ohio.

His mother, Paula Proxmire, however, lives in Delphos, Kansas and his identity was first discovered by a local news station, KWCH Eyewitness News 12, in Kansas. Proxmire said that her son was being treated at Erlanger Medical Center.