WATCH: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activists Racially Harass White Reporter

Participants of the Movement for Black Lives were at Cleveland State University this past weekend. They were protesting for justice in the case of Sam DuBose, who was fatally shot by University of Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing. While filming their public demonstration, reporter Brandon Blackwell for Northeast Ohio Media Group was asked to leave because he was not of African descent.

At the beginning of the video, a woman prepares to deliver a speech but is interrupted by a man who says, “If you are not of African descent, please go outside of the circle.”

Blackwell acquiesces to their wishes but the crowd turns riotous on him. People begin to shout, “Stop filming!” and attempt to block his camera angle with objects and hands. Blackwell continues to work despite the protests.

Blackwell is a Twitter-verified, respected reporter who works as a criminal investigator for various media outlets in Ohio. His presence at the demonstration was in response to the ongoing case of Sam DuBose. Today, the bodycam of Officer Ray Tensing, who is white, was released of him shooting Sam DuBose, who is black. You can watch that video here.

The video shows Tensing pulling over DuBose for not having a front license plate. Tensing asks DuBose for his driver’s license, and DuBose eventually says he does not have it. After Tensing asks DuBose if his license is suspended and then tells him to get out of the car, DuBose then appears to reach toward his car’s ignition. He says “I didn’t even do nothing.”

DuBose has his hand on the driver’s side door, holding it closed, as Tensing tries to open it. Tensing then reaches into the car and toward the keys. As he does that, DuBose leans backwards and the car starts to roll forward a bit. Tensing appears to grab onto DuBose’s seatbelt as DuBose leans away from the officer. Tensing then draws his gun, points it through the window and fires one shot, hitting DuBose in the head.

Tensing was indicted Wednesday on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter.

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