WATCH: Officer Ray Tensing Fatally Shoots Sam DuBose in Cincinnati [UNCENSORED]

Officials have released body camera footage showing a University of Cincinnati police officer fatally shooting an unarmed black man during a traffic stop.The video above shows the full recording of the traffic stop, with the moment of the shooting blurred. The shooting occurs at about the 1:45 mark of the video.

Officer Ray Tensing, who is white, killed Sam DuBose on July 19 in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Mount Auburn.

The full video, unedited and without the shooting blurred, can be watched below. It also includes the aftermath of the shooting and Tensing’s conversations with other officers. Warning, the video is graphic:

The video was released on Wednesday after a grand jury returned an indictment charging Tensing with murder.

Samuel Dubose, Ray Tensing, Sam Dubose and Ray Tensing, Cincinnati police shooting

University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, left, shot and killed Samuel DuBose after a traffic stop for a missing license plate. (Handout photos)

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said the video shows a “senseless” and “asinine” shooting by a man who “never should have been a police officer.”

Tensing, 25, was fired by the University of Cincinnati after his arrest. He worked there for four years and was also a graduate of the university.

The video shows Tensing pulling over DuBose for not having a front license plate. Tensing asks DuBose for his driver’s license, and DuBose eventually says he does not have it. After Tensing asks DuBose if his license is suspended and then tells him to get out of the car, DuBose then turns the keys in his ignition, and the car can be hearding starting up. He says “I didn’t even do nothing.”

DuBose has his hand on the driver’s side door, holding it closed, as Tensing tries to open it. Tensing then reaches into the car and toward the keys. As he does that, DuBose leans backwards and the car starts to roll forward a bit. Tensing appears to grab onto DuBose’s seatbelt as DuBose leans away from the officer. Tensing then draws his gun, points it through the window and fires one shot, hitting DuBose in the head.

Tensing falls backwards to the ground and DuBose’s car speeds off and eventually crashes down the street. Tensing chases after the car, while radioing in that shots were fired. The prosecutor said DuBose was dead instantly.

Tensing originally said he was dragged by the car and feared for his life, but Deters, the prosecutor, said the video shows he wasn’t dragged. Deters said he thinks Tensing was making an excuse for the purposeful killing of another person. Deters called the traffic stop itself “chicken-crap.”

Watch the full press conference Deters held to release the video and talk about the indictment (starts at 23:45 mark of video):

Listen to audio from the shooting below:

Authorities are bracing for possible unrest following the release of the video. The University of Cincinnati closed its campus early:

This decision is made with an abundance of caution in anticipation of today’s announcement of the Hamilton County grand jury’s decision regarding the July 19 officer-involved shooting of Samuel DuBose and the release of the officer’s body camera video. We realize this is a challenging time for our university community.

Before it was released, Cincinnati Police Chief Jeffrey Blackwell said he watched the video and said it is “not good.”

“I don’t want to put my personal feelings out prematurely,” Blackwell told WCPO-TV. “I just hope that the right thing continues to be done in this investigation and that we’re able to move forward from this and allow this to be a moment of learning and teaching for our city.”

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