WATCH: Racist Black Woman Goes Off on White Neighbor

Paul Davis is a Caucasian man who lives in a self-described “luxury” apartment complex in Tampa, Florida. His downstairs neighbor, an African-American woman, thinks he walks too loud. She accuses him of stomping on his floor, which is her ceiling, and in turn she turns up her bass to annoy Davis. Davis claims that is footfalls are not intentionally loud.

The women then goes into an 5-minute long rant, calling Davis racial slurs, threatening him, and then nearly becoming physically confrontational with him until her son intercedes. At first Davis is good-humored about her and handles her verbal assault with poise, telling her he’d like to be friends with her, but when she enters his apartment things turn bad.

Her son then enters his apartment, too. And things continue to escalate as the lady continues to not only call Davis gay, fat, and more, but also his friends.

Watch the entire confrontation above.


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Why didn’t he slam the door in her face and call the cops? Trashy bitch

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