WATCH: New Video Shows Sandra Bland Being Booked Into Jail

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Sandra Bland, bottom right corner, at the Waller County Jail intake. Trooper Brian Encinia is at the top of the screen near the table. (Waller County/YouTube)

New video showing Sandra Bland being booked into the Waller County Jail has been released by authorities who say they want to clear up rumors being spread on social media.

The videos were shown during a press conference, and posted to YouTube by Waller County.

Officials said they’ve received death threats and threats to their facilities through email and by phone based on the idea that Bland was dead when she was brought to jail. Authorities said that is completely false. County Judge Trey Duhon said he does not believe Bland was mistreated while at the jail.

Video showing Bland being photographed has also been released to show that she was alive when her mug shot was taken, dispelling another social media rumor.

The new footage, captured on jail surveillance cameras over three days, was not previously released because county officials said they didn’t know they could cut it into clips and take it from their system. The video also shows Bland filling out booking forms, being taken to and from a holding cell and making calls while trying to post bail.

Waller County posted the clips in several different YouTube posts. There is no sound in any of the videos. The first video shows her arriving at the jail’s sally port:

Sally PortSandra Bland being brought to the Waller County jail.2015-07-28T21:36:55Z

Another video shows her intake into the jail, where she fills out paperwork. She is still in her street clothes. Trooper Brian Encinia, who arrested Bland, is also seen in this video, along with Officer Pennie Goodie, the Prairie View Police Department office who brought Bland to the jail.

IntakeSandra Bland getting processed into the Waller County jail with her mugshot.2015-07-28T21:27:31Z

This video shows her being brought into the booking room, where she is taken into another room and changes from her street clothes into an orange jumpsuit:

Sandra Bland Booking Room VideoSee more videos from Waller County Jail of Sandra Bland here. This video shows her in the booking room, where she changes into an orange prison jumpsuit.2015-07-28T23:19:49Z

Another video shows her being assigned to a cell:

Cell AssignmentSandra Bland being taken to jail cell 95 in the Waller County jail.2015-07-28T21:18:01Z

This video shows her inprocessing, which includes her booking photo being taken. Officials said this occurred after she had slept for several hours:

InprocessingSandra Bland being processed by Waller County jailers.2015-07-28T21:28:07Z

Another video shows the hallway where Bland was held:

HallwaySecurity Video of the hallway where Sandra Bland was being housed in the Waller County jail2015-07-28T21:33:29Z

The final video shows her magistration process, where she appears before a Waller County Justice of the Peace and has her bond set:

MagistrationSandra Bland being magistrated by a Waller County Justice of the Peace.2015-07-28T21:55:35Z

Police previously released video of the traffic stop that led to her arrest.

Bland, 28, was found dead in a jail cell on July 13, after she was charged with assaulting a Texas state trooper during a traffic stop in Prairie View just days earlier. The trooper, Brian Encinia, has been put on administrative leave after a preliminary investigation found he violated the Texas Department of Public Safety’s traffic stop and courtesy procedures during the stop, which was for an improper lane change.

Bland was held on $5,000 bail and was not able to get the $500 she needed to post it and be released.

Inconsistencies in the public statements, documents and videos provided by authorities have led thousands of people to question the official narrative of what happened to Bland. Activist DeRay McKesson published an extensive list of those questions at the website

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