Sarah O’Connor Tweets ‘Robot Has Killed a Worker’

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(Twitter / Wikipedia)

Financial Times correspondent Sarah O’Connor reported on Twitter that a “robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany”, not realizing the irony of her tweet. Sarah Connor is a Terminator character, a movie franchise that has to do with a robot apocalypse.

O’Connor originally tweeted:

The story quickly went viral, although not due to the unfortunate death. FT reports about the details surrounding the accident:

A 21 year old external contractor was installing the robot together with a colleague when he was struck in the chest by the robot and pressed against a metal plate. He later died of his injuries, reports Chris Bryant, the FT’s Frankfurt correspondent.

People were more keen about the fact that a Sarah O’Connor was reporting about the death of a man at the hands of a robot. But O’Connor wasn’t too happy about the publicity, tweeting:

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