Storm Stoppers’ Growth Since ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With the Owner

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Storm Stoppers presented its plywood alternative to storm protection to the Shark Tank in Season 6. Although no deal was made, the business has still enjoyed a surge in orders after their appearance.

We caught up with its inventor and president of the company, John Smith before his episode re-aired on July 24th. This is what he told us about…

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The Company’s Growth After ‘Shark Tank’

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The initial response after airing was overwhelming. Our usual dozen or so weekly inquiries for product information and pricing immediately grew to hundreds of weekly requests. Additionally, we received requests from various building commissions throughout the country interested in approving product for their residents as well as use on government buildings. We are having a record year despite unusually quiet weather conditions. Many people took notice of the need to be proactive in protecting their property and families.

New Developments

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We have expanded our staff to meet the changing demands for product. We have worked with engineers and technical professionals to perform additional testing on the performance and safety of our product. This testing has led to widened acceptance by insurance companies and government agencies who now recognize the value of our product and the many benefits it offers.

His Advice for ‘Tank’ Contestants

Stay true to yourself and your product. Remember part of what sells is your undeniable and unwavering belief in the product and your company. They may not agree with you, but they will respect you if you truly stand up for what you believe in. The show is only as successful as the interactions between the Sharks and contestants make it. Be prepared to sell like you’ve never sold before. This is a tough gig. Be ready for any question or objection they send at you and don’t let them see you squirm!

Plans for the Future

We plan to continue our expansion into new markets and increase awareness in existing markets. Customers in “Tornado Alley” are a new market for us. We continue to develop staffing to accommodate those customers affected by tornadoes that are looking for a way to protect their homes against windbourne debris. This exposure is a result of our Shark Tank appearance. We are also currently working with numerous government agencies, commercial developers and private citizens throughout the country to place product on everything from condo complexes to court houses to historic properties. Anywhere someone wants to protect their property with a safe, proven product that won’t ruin the appearance, damage the façade, trap you inside in an emergency or make you feel like you are living in a cave. We see a very bright future for our company and our ever expanding customer base!

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