PHOTO: Woman Snapchats Car Accident Live

snapchat, car crash, car accident, fail

A photo of a young woman and her “bae”, or boyfriend, speeding at 180 KMH, or 111 MPH, before they both crashed and overturned the car was all uploaded to her Snapchat story. Screenshots were taken of all four snaps and then shared on Reddit by AbrogateAnon.

The first snap shows the happy couple in the car, the second shows the speed, the third shows an apparently overturned car, and the fourth shows the young woman with injuries including blood streaming down her face.

Redditors immediately cried foul, but Redditor Meunderwears did some snooping and apparently it’s all real. They shared this photo of the girl at the hospital receiving treatment:

snapchat, car crash, car accident, fail

As a reminder to all, please don’t use your phone while driving. No word on if the charges will be pressed on the woman and her boyfriend.

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