The Ayatollah on America: The Tweets You Need to Read

Ayatollah anti-America tweet

One of the Ayatollah’s may anti-America tweets. (Twitter/khamenei_ir)

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s tweet about Obama with a gun to his head isn’t the first time Iran’s supreme leader has used Twitter to express his disdain about the United States. He’s been posting for years, taking advantage of #BlackLivesMatter and even #YesAllWomen to express his dislike and disappointment in America. Although his Twitter account is not verified, it’s been widely believed for years to belong to the Ayatollah. Here are the top tweets you’ll likely want to share with your friends.

He Recently Made a Disturbing Obama Post

The most recent Tweet to headline the news occurred on Saturday, July 26, when the Ayatollah shared a graphic showing a silhouette that strongly resembled Obama, holding a gun to his head. But this tweet was only the first in a long line of America-focused posts on his Twitter account.

He Has Frequently Shared #BlackLivesMatter Tweets

Yes, the Ayatollah has frequently defended the rights of minorities in the United States, including joining the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

He weighed in on Freddie Gray’s death too:

In February 2015, the Ayatollah embarked on a series of tweets with the hashtag #MalcomX (presumably meaning Malcolm X), including this one:

The Ayatolla Has Also Focused on Women’s Equality

Women’s Equality Day was another opportunity for the Ayatollah to share his distrust and anger at America.

The #YesAllWomen hashtag provided another opportunity:

He Doesn’t Forget About Police Brutality

The Ayatollah has also been quick to condemn America for allowing police brutality to continue, reminding his Twitter follows that this only breeds insecurity.

Responses on Twitter were not too happy about his statement.

He actually posted a series of tweets about police brutality on that day, including this one:

He Found a Way to Connect Ferguson and Israel

In 2014, the Ayatollah found a way to connect Ferguson to Israel:

Which also did not elicit the best reactions:

He Has Tweeted About Freedom of Speech

The Ayatollah also used Twitter to express his strong belief in the freedom of speech, which he believes America does not uphold:

He had a series of these tweets on May 3, 2014:

The responses to his tweet didn’t take it too seriously:

His #HappyFriendshipDay Message Was Unique

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