Adem Karadag, Bangkok Bombing: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Adem Karadag Bangkok bombing

Adem Karadag was named a suspect in the Bangkok bombing. (Thai police)

Police have arrested Adem Karadag, a suspect in connection with the Bangkok Erawan Shrine bombing of August 17. Twenty people were killed after a pipe bomb exploded in Thailand’s capital city. Hundreds were injured. One analyst said the bomb’s location was the equivalent to a bomb exploding in New York City’s Time Square.  Police say they don’t think it’s international terrorism.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Authorities Believe Karadag’s Motive Was Taking Revenge for Comrades

Adem Karadag bomber

This photo released by the police shows Adem Karadag with bomb-making materials in his apartment. (Thai police)

Adem Karadag, 28, was arrested by police after they raided an apartment in Bangkok’s Nong Chok district, the Bangkok Post reported. The police chief has said that he was taking revenge for his comrades and this was not part of an international terrorist plot, The Guardian reported.

2. Police Found Bomb-Making Materials in His Apartment

Bomb-making materials were found in the apartment where Karadag was arrested. These included ball-bearings similar to those from the Erawan bombing, the Bangkok Post reported. The materials also included detonators, a metal pipe meant to be used as another bomb, and passports, The Guardian reported.

3. Authorities Say He Is Not the Man in the Yellow Shirt Seen in Photos of the Bombing

Adem Karadag, bangkok bombing press conference

National police chief General Somyot Poompanmoung speaks to reporters outside the compound where police detained Adem KAradag. (Getty)

Police are saying that Karadag is not the man in the yellow shirt seen in original photos of the bombing. That photo showed a man in a yellow shirt and beige shorts sitting in front of two police officers, his hands in handcuffs. He had a beard and light brown hair. Police believe others were involved in the bombing who haven’t been caught yet, perhaps as many as 10 people, The Bangkok Post reported.

4. Karadag Had At Least One Passport That Was Fake

Adem Karadag passport

Adem Karadag’s fake passport was passed around on social media before police confirmed it was fake.

Karadag had an international passport being passed around now on social media that many are saying look fake. The capital “Istanbul” is incorrectly spelled in Turkish and police have confirmed the passport is fake, the Bangkok Post reported.

5. Hundreds Were Injured and 20 Were Killed in the Bombing

Adem Karadag arrested

Policemen escort a car carrying Adem Karadag after he was detained. (Getty)

Twenty people were killed and about 120 were injured in the bomb blast, which authorities have said would be similar to a bomb going off in New York City’s Time Square. There’s been no official claim of responsibility for the bomb.

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