WATCH: Newscasters Saying ‘Deez Nuts’ Mashup

Brady Olson had no idea that when he created the fake, 2016 presidential candidate “Deez Nuts” that he would actually compete against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The 15-year-old farmer’s son from Iowa registered “Deez Nuts” with the Federal Election Commission last month and the candidate has taken off, ranking third on a Wednesday poll in North Carolina.

Deez Nuts quickly made the news, and the best part was watching newscasters nationwide say “Deez Nuts.” Watch that above.

According to Deez Nuts’ official website, Deez Nuts stands for a balanced budget, a deal with Iran, is pro-choice and pro-same sex marriage, and favors giving citizens in American territories like Samoa voting rights.

As for Brady Olson, The New York Times reports that he won’t be giving an interview any time soon. “School’s starting back up and I still have to sort this out,” he wrote to their reporter.

Watch more funny videos here.


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