WATCH: Deputy Saves Man Just Before Train Slams Into Car

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In the shocking video above, a deputy just barely manages to pull a man off the train tracks and away from an oncoming train, with mere seconds to spare. According to NBC Bay Area, deputies Lance Whitted and Erik Ruepell heard a collision at the Mary Crossing in Sunnyvale, California, and realized a car had collided with a train crossing guard. The car was stuck on the tracks, so the deputies ran to the collision and saw a train fast approaching.

oncoming train, deputy saves man from oncoming train

Deputy saves man from oncoming train. (YouTube)

One deputy pulled the driver from the car and the other tried to warn the train, NBC Bay Area reported. After pulling the man from the car, the two run from the train but the driver stumbles and falls to the ground. The deputy then drags the man away, just seconds before the train hits the car where the man had just been.

The San Mateo County Sheriff spokesman, Salvador Zuno, told NBC Bay Area that the driver was probably only alive because of the deputy’s brave action. No one was injured.

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