Donald Trump Calls Rosie O’Donnell a ‘Fat Pig’ at the GOP Debate … AGAIN

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When Donald Trump was told at tonight’s GOP debate that he has said so many negative things about women, like calling them a “fat pig,” he first jokingly said, “Only to Rosie O’Donnell.” He then talked about how he doesn’t agree with all the political correctness that America feels it needs to have. With that, the crowd cheered. He then talked about how most of the time, his comments are good fun and made in jest.

Upon Trump’s making the comment that it was only O’Donnell, he was confronted with the response that it was definitely more than just her, especially on his Twitter account.

After Trump’s comments, Twitter was in an uproar finding it the funniest comment ever made in debate history. O’Donnell has since responded to Trump. Read her tweet here.