Subway Jared Photos: Pictures of Fogle With Celebrities

Prior to his arrest for horrendous crimes, including possession of child pornography and having sex with minors, Jared Fogle lived the high-life. He spent most of his days on red carpets across America meeting with politicians (such as Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie), sports stars, singers and actors. During his time as a spokesman for Subway, promoting the sandwich chain as a healthy option, Jared Fogle accumulated an estimated wealth of $15 million. On August 18 2015, Fogle pleaded guilty in court documents to sex with minors and possession of child porn. His wife, Katie McLoughlin, announced her plans to divorce him after five years of marriage. The couple have two young children together.

He will spend at the very least, five years in prison. A world away from his life with celebrities at public speaking engagements and movie premieres. Fogle, an Indiana University graduate, is a huge sports fan, he got to meet all of his idols, judging by his Twitter account. He also got to live in a world he could scarcely of imagined when he weighed 400 pounds in his college days.

Here are the images from Fogle's previous celebrity life that you need to see: