Kayla Morris & Georgina Clarke: Photos of Plastic Surgery Duo

A British mom-and-daughter duo have spent nearly $100,000 each in an attempt to look like an adult model. The pair are Georgina Morris, 38, and her stripper daughter, Kayla Morris, 20. The woman they're seeking to emulate is Katie Price, better known to pubescent boys of the 90s as Jordan. In an interview with New Dog Media, Kayla talked about how she began stripping when she was 17 and that soon after she met a sugar daddy. She says this man has given her and her mother close to $100,000 over three years to help them both get surgery. In a separate interview with The Sun, Kayla says that plastic surgery is how she and her mother bond. The pair live in the town of Rugby, England, where they come under frequent criticism for how they look. They also don't seem to care that Katie Price, their icon, has had significant breast reductions over the last few years. Kayla told The Sun "I got a letter form local women saying everyone laughs at me because I dress like a tramp and have duck lips. But I love the way I look now."

Here are the photos of this bizarre duo that you need to see: