Did NASA Find an Alien Crab on Mars? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

NASA Mars Crab

NASA released a photo that people are saying shows a crab on Mars. (NASA)

The Internet has gone on high alert for a photo released by NASA that shows a figure on Martian rocks that looks strangely like a crab. Even more pictures have recently been released that some people insist indicate there really is life on Mars. NASA has not said anything official about the photos. However, the recent discovery of liquid water on Mars has refueled people’s suspicions about the photos. As for the crab-shaped rock, debates range from the figure being a fossilized crab to just a bunch of rocks that our brains are trying to make into a familiar pattern. What do you think?

Here are the facts you need to know:

1. The Image Was Taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover in July

The image was uploaded by NASA from its Mars Curiosity Rover. One of the first to spot the alien crab was UFO Sightings Daily, according to io9, but other media quickly ran with the story.

Some believe that the zoomed-in photo looks strangely like an alien crab, possible a fossilized one, Daily Mail reported. It’s seen in a formation that looks like the mouth of a cave. The sedimentary nature of the rocks give off the appearance that water might have been in this location, but are more likely wind-weathered.

2. Some People Have Noticed Other Objects in the Photo That Look Compelling

Mars reddit photo

Another look at the Mars photo, as edited by Reddit user azeottaff (Reddit photo)

The alien crab isn’t the only thing that’s interesting in the photo. In a Reddit.com thread about the photo, readers brought up other interesting sightings. One person used Photoshop to sharpen the image and claimed to be able to see eyes and a mouth. Another person thought he could see another crab higher up in the photo. The Reddit user mentioned in another post that he was also interested in a square-shaped object on the ground just in front of the crab.

3. A Mars Photo That Some Say Looks Like a Woman Has Also Captured Our Imagination

NASA woman on Mars

Some people think they can see a woman in this NASA image. (NASA)

This isn’t the first strange object people have thought they saw from NASA.  The figure of a woman can be seen near the top of the above photo, just slightly right of the center. NASA itself tweeted a more scientifically interesting photo that showed Mars rocks rich with silica. Rocks like this can preserve ancient organic material.

4. And Those Aren’t the Only Photos to Draw Attention

Even more photos Mars photos have surfaced that people are insisting could be signs of alien life on Mars. The one in the Twitter post pictured above looks like a rodent of some sort. There is this photo, which some believe looks like an alien space craft on the planet:

Scott C. Waring of the UFO Sightings website wrote that the above photo looks like the craft is about 3 meters across and could only hold a few passengers. He then went on to mention that the “figures” they found on Mars were about 8 cm tall, so of course the craft could hold 20 to 40 passengers.

Then there’s this photo, which looks like another figure on Mars… Or it could just be rocks:

And finally, there is the photo in the Twitter post below.

This one really appears to just be rocks, but some believers are saying it looks like an iguana of some sort. What do you think?

5. This Might Also Just Be a Case of Pareidolia: Seeing Patterns Where There Are None

Pareidolia is the term used to describe when we see patterns where there really aren’t any, like seeing Jesus’ face in a grilled cheese sandwich. The Huffington Post interviewed SETI director Seth Shostak, who said that’s the case for the recent set of Mars photo sightings. The brain can make shapes out of random objects. This can help us if, say, we’re trying to spot a predator out to get us. But it also causes us to see all sorts of crazy things in off-planet rock formations.


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j b hale

As an ameture rockhound myself I ask NASA, what sort of geologic occurence do you believe has caused this suggestive crab-like form?


” Oooooh look a crab, there’s life on Mars “. . Get a life yourself, don’t you recognise an old radiator fan when you see one ?

Angela M

Why can’t they go back to the spot where the crab photo was taken and see if it moved? Go back a few times to all these spots where things that look alive were photographed😂


Ppl sound like Columbus back in the day claiming to discover America. This land wasn’t lost it was just new to him. Do you honestly believe we are the only ones in this entire universe? Just look at the diversity of sea creatures and plants do you think they all came from earth? Are some of them aliens? Are there aliens under water? We don’t even know what’s on our own planet or in the center of it or under water.


I had a dream about this two years ago. About crabs on Mars.humans have a science Centre of some sort there dealing with adaptable life forms. One of the major problems were the quakes. They caused power to go off and on.


The Curiosity is on earth. wake up. Nasa is taking your money and giving you images of some remote desert somewhere. Pareidolia is a nice try but the reason you will see things you would expect to see on earth, is because it’s on earth. Why would anyone take a trillion dollars off you and spend a trillion dollars getting you some pictures, when they can spend a million dollars getting you pictures your gullible arses will be just as happy with and pocket the other .999 trillion?


Probably some one said similar comment when Cristopher Colombes sailed to discover America !!

Rod Fruendt

Columbus had no idea that the North American continent existed. He discovered the Bahamas and never set foot on this continent.


i would think nasa went over these photos like sherlock holmes before releasing them , so if there was anything curious, it would have been id already.


I’ve smelled the same with European, Brazilian and others. What’s your point Tarzan? Just stupid, I mean ignorant.


Why nasa didnt tell us the truth about the alien crab, is there a reason behind?


Mummy , Daddy, there is great great great great great great great great grand dad on Mars …he has a few more legs than us


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