Sabrina Corgatelli: All the Photos You Need to See


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Jon Doer

I hope that on one of her future hunting safaris, her gun jams and the lion attacks her. I suspect lions would also describe their kill as unforgettable — in addition to filling. Yum.


Hell has opened up and spewed out these vile, heartless, mindless, excuses of decent human beings to torture, murder, butcher and trophy-boast innocent defenseless animals that had no other choice but to be born. I hope this so-called woman reaps all it has sown. Despicable POS that has no place with the living. I hope your days are numbered.


She most certainly knew the reaction and attention she would receive and she wanted it. Animals should not die because some ugly bit** wants fame. If these so called hunters really wanted to help they could donate their money directly to reputable organizations for conservation. Of course there wouldn’t be any smiling selfies as they pose with their slaughtered kills or any heads and carcasses to stuff and mount. They do this for their own enjoyment and try to justify it anyway they can. Let her employer Iowa State University know what you think at

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