WATCH: Sarah Palin Interviews Donald Trump on One America News Network

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was interviewed Friday night by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin on the show “On Point” on the One America News Network. Watch the video of the interview above.

The interview generated so much interest that One America News Network’s website crashed Friday night, according to

One America News, which is based in San Diego and launched in 2013, is available in about 12 million households across the United States. Palin has been serving as the guest host of “On Point.”

Palin also interviewed Republican candidates Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida, and Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Friday night. You can watch those interviews below:




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Trump and the “Whining Wannabe from Wasilla” regard any reporter or interviewer who has the temerity to hold them accountable for their previously stated positions to be a bullying, biased member of a left-wing conspiracy, and they view any question for which they are unwilling or unable to provide an honest, substantive answer to be a “gotcha” question.

Bottom line: Donald and Sarah need to give us advanced warning whenever they decide to share their political insights and self-assessments … so that we have a chance to fetch our shovels and hip waders.


Obviously you missed the Trump presser, so you should not comment on something you did not witness. Those of us who actually witnessed that little dust-up know that Ramos launched into an attack on Trump’s stance on illegal immigrants after Trump had already called upon a real journalist to ask his question(s). Trump had the obnoxious heckler forcibly escorted from the news conference with instructions to allow Ramos back in if, and only if, he agreed to conform to the normal protocols of a legitimate press conference. After Jorge agreed to that, he was allowed back in. Trump proceeded to answer every one of Ramos’ questions over a 5-minute period. Donald exposed Ramos’ ignorance about Illegal immigrant criminal activity. He accurately described illegal immigrant’s access to unfettered entry into the US through the open border with Mexico. He lecture Ramos on the cynical practice of illegal immigrants to establish “anchor babies” to exploit the welfare benefits intended for American citizens. He schooled the ignorant Ramos on the specifics of the construction business, about which Ramos knows nothing, except for what Trump told him, face to face, in answer to Ramos ignorant assertion that building a fence would be difficult and expensive.

Bottom line: If you don’t know what you are talking about, it is best to keep your ignorance to yourself.

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