WATCH: Subway Sandwich Served With Maggots

Maggots in Subway SandwichMaggots found in Subway Sandwich, Provo Utah2015-08-25T14:04:28Z

A smartphone video filmed at a Subway restaurant in Provo, Utah appears to be show maggots crawling over a freshly made sandwich. An employee at the restaurant is speaking to him as he films the disgusting sandwich. At first she is apologetic to him, but when the man voices his health concerns about his pregnant wife having already taken a bite, the employee tells him not to cause a scene.

She adds, “These worms are not harmful.” But how this Subway employee knows this is unclear.

Redditors who commented on the video add that it may be a set-up, but there is no evidence to this. ArcadianDelSol writes:

This is a setup. The veggies on the paper are fresh – the tomato is red and moist and the lettuce is green and crisp. THose are very late stage larva (look like gypsy moths to me) and in order to get that big, the veggies would have been so foul they’d look like a hot stew instead of freshly sliced. If the maggots were in the meat, it would have been slimy, and very warm to the touch.
I think the guy is pulling a scam.

But former restaurant worker ListenNowYouLittle responds:

I’ve worked at mcDonald’s and saw those same maggots in a new box of carton cups. Could come from the wrapping paper itself (From the storage emplacement)

What do you think? All in all, not a great month for the world’s largest fast food chain. On August 20, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle admitted to paying for sex with minors and receiving child pornography.

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