Vivian Chan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Vivian Chan Facebook page

Vivian Chan with Canto-pop singer Joey Yung (left). (Facebook)

A University of London law student has been named as one of the victims of the Erawan Shrine bombing in Bangkok on August 18. She’s been named by her classmates as Vivian Chan, a native of Hong Kong but a resident in England. So far, 21 people have been killed in the bombing. More than 120 people were injured, scores of tourists were hurt in the attack, which authorities in Thailand have described as being designed to hurt the country’s economy.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Graduated From One of England’s Most Exclusive High Schools in 2015

The Thai Society at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London released a statement saying that Chan, has been killed in the blast. The Daily Telegraph reports that she had been a student at Harrow International School, an exclusive English high school.

2. Her Favorite Singer Paid a Touching Tribute to Chan on Facebook



The South China Morning Post reports that she was killed along with her traveling companion, Arcadia Pang Wan-chee, 24. One of Chan’s classmates, Michelle Lou, told the paper “She was a really kind and cheerful person in general – she really loved to travel around and just go to a lot of different, good restaurants.” Her friend added that Chan was an avid fan of Canto-pop, particularly Joey Yung. She paid tribute to Chan, saying that the student had left a distinct impression and that she had a “cute laugh.” Yung went on to say “Thank you for everything in 2014.”

3. Her Food Blog Had 11,000 Followers

Chan was an avid food blogger on her @Kittealuvfood blog and Instagram page. She specialized in uncovering local dishes. On her Instagram page, she had over 11,000 followers.

4. One of Chan’s Friends Wrote on Facebook ‘I Still Can’t Believe This is Real’

Vivian Chan food blog


Online tributes have been flooding into Chan on a hastily set up Facebook tribute page. One friend, Serena Wong, wrote “I really treasure the memories we had, and am sure you’ll be a joyful angel in heaven.” Another, Sophia Hui, wrote, “I was in utter shock when I learned the news. Victor called me and confirmed the news. You were such a cheerful person and had one of the greatest smiles that I have seen. We, the Huis, are saddened with the loss. I remember we used to talk after the music concert, whilst I was waiting for Victor. I still can’t believe this is real…RIP Vivian. You will always be remembered.”

5. Thai Police Say They Have a Suspect in the Bombing

Thai police have identified a suspect in the bombing. The BBC reports that a man, clad in a yellow t-shirt, was seen leaving a backpack close to the sight of the bombing. Authorities in Bangkok haven’t said that the motive is for the attack. According to a statement on the Chinese embassy in Thailand’s website, at least four tourists from China were killed and 20 were injured.