PHOTO: Walter Palmer’s Vacation Home Vandalized

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Walter Palmer, the infamous hunter who killed Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe, had his vacation home in Marco Island, Florida, painted with the graffiti “Lion Killer.” Marco Island is an island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Southwest Florida and is home to some of the nation’s wealthiest residents, reports Naples News.

Water Palmer recently had his second home there vandalized. The Daily Mail reports:

Angry vandals defaced the vacation home of lion killer Walter J Palmer overnight on Monday, while also littering the American dentist’s driveway with pig’s feet in a show of outrage over the death of a beloved lion named Cecil.

Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, is accused of paying $55,000 to hunt down and kill the famed lion in Zimbabwe. On July 31, Zimbabwean authorities said they will try to extradite Palmer to face criminal charges for the illegal hunt.

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