ZinePak After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With Co-Founders

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ZinePak entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 to pitch their company that makes buying physical music fun. Their custom-designed packs of a CD paired with a magazine and merchandise are perfect for fans of all ages. Back then, we sat down and interviewed its two founders, Brittany Hodak and Kim Kaupe. As their episode re-airs, we caught up with the women to see how their company is doing after their Tank debut. Here is what they told about…

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Their Growth Since the Show & A New Endeavor

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Appearing on Shark Tank helped propel us into lots of great new verticals, including sports, art and film. The exposure has been a wonderful platform for sharing our company’s story with new partners in the agency and entertainment worlds. Brittany: Appearing on the show inspired me to co-found a nonprofit, which I never would have expected. Shark Tank contestants are paid per diems of $65 per day. When I received my first three days of per diems, I thought about how much good $195 could actually mean for someone who was struggling with hunger. Forget three days – many families could stretch that for weeks! I was shocked that no organization existed for people to donate their per diems to help feed hungry Americans, so I started one. Per Diems Against Poverty is a 501(c)(3) that reallocates 100% of donated per diems to Feeding America. Our goal is to provide 10 million meals to Americans in need by the end of 2016, with the support of professional athletes, entertainers, and others who receive per diems they don’t depend on for food.

Sports Teams Reaching Out

We had a lot of amazing people and companies reach out after the show! One of the most exciting thing was being approached by 11 different professional sports teams. We’ve already worked on some fun projects for the Boston Red Sox and have more professional sports projects hitting in the months ahead!

Robert & Lori’s Deal Not Going Through

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We didn’t end up ultimately doing the deal with Robert and Lori, but they remain great friends. They’re both fantastic businesspeople.

Advice for ‘Tank’ Contestants

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Do your homework! If you’re going into the Tank, it’s not enough to know your business backward and forward. You’ve also got to know everything about what the Sharks are doing and why they should care about you. And remember, you aren’t just pitching to five Sharks: you’re pitching to eight million Sharks! Tell ’em why they should care about you.

Plans For the Future

We’re so thankful that Shark Tank proved to be such a great introduction to ad agencies – especially shopper marketing agencies. We’ve been working on all kinds of interesting partnerships with agencies across the country to help build SuperFans of brands. In addition to keeping our focus on super-serving music and sports SuperFans, we’re excited to be broadening our focus to partner with so many amazing shopper agencies and CPG brands. There are lots and lots of cool ZinePak projects in the works for retail shoppers next year.

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