The Caddy Girls’ Business Grows 400% After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With the Owner

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The Caddy Girls entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 pitching their group of professional all-female caddies who travel nationwide. Back then, we interviewed their owner and founder, Meghan Tarmey. As her episode re-airs on September 7 as part of Shark Tank Week, we caught up with her to see how the company is faring since their Tank debut. She gave us the inside scoop on…

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How the Company Has Grown

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Our business is up about 400% since the show aired, comparing the previous year’s numbers on a month to month basis. Our number of bookings have tripled and we have expanded to several new markets in the US. We have booked our biggest, most prestigious tournaments post Shark Tank.

Kevin’s ‘Crappy’ Deal

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I do not regret not taking Kevin’s crappy deal. In the moment, I was shocked he made an offer, quite frankly. I looked at my two employees on set with me like, “What??!” Out of all of the Sharks, I figured he would be the first one out on offering me a deal.

The Sharks’ Assessments

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I fully expected the Sharks to tear apart my business, which surprisingly did not happen too badly. I had an answer immediately for every question and was honest with myself, which I think helped them not tear me to shreds as they do sometimes. I understand that my company is not a product you can wholesale and distribute instantly to make millions of dollars. My business is people and is a service, so it takes more groundwork to make the kind of money they are looking for. In regards to Mark Cuban praising my company but immediately being out because he “hates golf,” then he clearly has not golfed at a tournament that we caddied at!

Hiring More Girls & Their Myrtle Beach Office

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We have beefed up our booking agent staff to eight amazing ladies that all started out as caddies within the company. We finally got our very own beautiful office in Myrtle Beach. Four days after Shark Tank aired, I hit the road traveling to five golf markets from Miami to Los Angeles recruiting, hiring and training new caddies for our roster.

Creating a Nonprofit, Clothing Line, & A Possible TV Show

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We plan to continue to grow and expand to more markets all over the US. I have not taken on an investor yet, but I am looking at the possibility of franchising one day. I feel like there are too many horrible copycat companies out there, especially after Shark Tank, giving female caddies a bad name. I want to expand all over and make sure it’s done right, that the caddies are professionally trained, the business is operated properly and that it respects the game of golf. Right now, we are focusing on giving back, and I am creating a nonprofit called FAM (Females Aiding in Mentorship) which is a guidance program to streamline young adults’ goals and dreams into plans. It is in the early stages, however we have started a contest where our caddies are executing a plethora of charity work in efforts to win a grant for a trip abroad to volunteer. A dozen of our caddies, including myself, are embarking on a trip to Guatemala to volunteer for three weeks in November. On the business side, we have started our designs for our clothing line, which will include women’s golf attire and casual wear. Also, there just may be a TV show on the horizon for The Caddy Girls.

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