Delta State Shooting: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A professor was killed as an active shooter put Delta State University on lockdown on the afternoon of September 14. Hours after the initial shots fired call, the school remained on located. The suspect has been named as geography professor Shannon Lamb.

You can see exclusive video provided to of students barricading themselves in a classroom during the lockdown.

Delta State University is located around 120 miles south of Memphis, in Cleveland, Mississippi. It’s close to the Arkansas/Mississippi state line.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Professor Ethan Schmidt Was Killed

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Ethan Schmidt, a history professor at Delta State University in Mississippi, was killed in an on-campus shooting.

A professor named Ethan Schmidt has been killed, reports WREG. Schmidt was seen being taken away by an ambulance from the scene. The history professor later died, according to the school. Professor Schmidt was in his office when he was shot, reports WMC.

My Fox Memphis later reported that a second person had been killed in connection with the Delta State University incident but that person was killed off-campus.

2. The Second Victim Is a Female

The Biloxi Sun Herald reports that the second victim who was allegedly killed by the suspect is a woman. She was found dead in the town of Gautier. That paper adds that the suspect works at Delta State University.

3. The Lockdown Has Evolved Into a Hostage Situation

The gunman is said to around the campus’s Jobe Hall. The call for the lockdown came in at 10:45 a.m. local time. According to the school’s website, Jobe Hall is an auditorium. My Fox Memphis reports school spokesperson Jennifer Farish confirming that lockdown was in force with students and staff being advised to shelter-in-place and avoid windows. Over two hours into the lockdown, WMC reported that the incident was now a hostage situation. Moments later, the station, citing the Mississippi Highway Patrol, said there was no confirmation about a hostage situation.

4. There Are Over 3 Thousand Students at the School

Delta State 'Shooting':

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Delta State University is one of eight publicly funded universities in the state of Mississippi. There are 3,324 students at the school. The school’s president is William N. LaForge, former Chief of Staff to United States Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi. LaForge is a former student of the school.

The school specializes in arts and sciences, business, education and nursing. The college is also home to a renowned flight school.

5. There Is a Massive Police Presence at the School

A massive local and state police presence is on location at the school including Mississippi Highway Patrol, local police, and the Bolivar Sheriff’s Department. The reports of shots fired were confirmed by the Cleveland Police Department, reports My Fox Memphis. The school later said that it was being assisted by the Mississippi Governor’s office. The Bolivar Commercial reports that all schools in the vicinity are on lockdown until further notice.