Hunter Montgomery Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Hunter Montgomery, Eddie Montgomery son

Hunter Montgomery, the son of country singer Eddie Montgomery, has died at the age of 19. (Facebook)

The 19-year-old son of country singer Eddie Montgomery, of Montgomery Gentry, has died.

Hunter Montgomery had been on life support at a Kentucky hospital after an accident last week. His death was announced on his father’s Facebook page.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Details of the Accident That Led to His Death Haven’t Been Made Public

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Hunter Montgomery had been on life support at a Kentucky hospital before his death. Facebook

Hunter Montgomery’s family have not made the details of the accident that led to his death public. He had been on life support at a hospital in Kentucky since September 24, according to posts on social media asking for prayers.

“My son Hunter went to heaven today,” Eddie Montgomery said in a statement on his band’s Facebook page. “I appreciate all your prayers and love and thank you for giving us privacy as we grieve and say goodbye.”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been set.

2. He Was Engaged to His Girlfriend After Proposing to Her at His Father’s Concert

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Hunter Montgomery proposed to his girlfriend, Davara Little, at one of his father’s concerts last year (watch the video above).

They got engaged on August 31, 2014.

3. His Fiancee Recently Gave Birth to Their Son

Hunter Montgomery, Eddie Montgomery son

Hunter Montgomery with his fiancee, Davara Little. (Facebook)

According to Hunter Montgomery’s Facebook page, his fiancee recently gave birth to their son. A baby registry for the couple said she was due in April.

In June, he posted on Facebook, “My beautiful fiancé is amazing and I love her to death she’s a great mother and that is my boy right here he’s amazing also I love him to death these two people I swear make my world go around each day there what keep me going.”

4. He Was One of Montomgery’s 4 Children With His Ex-Wife Tracy

Eddie Montgomery, Hunter Montgomery, Tracy Montgomery

Eddie Montgomery his ex-wife Tracy , Troy Gentry and his wife Angie in 2007. (Getty)

Hunter Montgomery was one of Eddie Montgomery’s three children, along with Kevin, Brooke and Candace, with his ex-wife, Tracy Nunan. He was their youngest child.

Tracy Nunan posted on Facebook that she had been at her son’s bedside, praying for a miracle.

“I pray that our father in heaven is walking with Hunter and holding is hand and that he’s leading Hunter’s journey. I know he never forsakes us and he’s God almighty, the great and wonderful physician. Lord, I know your love for Hunter and I know you have his plan in your hands. That’s so comforting for me. Please Lord let it be your will to let Hunter stay with us. He has way too much to do. I need to hear him laugh, I need another hug, another I love you and another smile.”

5. Montgomery Gentry Fans & Fellow Country Singers Offered Their Condolences on Twitter

Hunter Montgomery, John Michael Montgomery nephew, Eddie Montgomery son, Montgomery Gentry son

Hunter Montgomery with his uncle, singer John Michael Montgomery. (Facebook)

Fans of Montgomery Gentry and fellow country singers took to Twitter to offer condolences to Eddie Montgomery and his family:

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