EmergenSee Since ‘Shark Tank,’ No Deal But Tripled in Sales: Interview

EmergenSee entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 pitching their personal security app. Back then, we spoke to founder Phil Reitnour about the company. As their episode re-airs on Shark Tank Week, we caught up with Sandra Frick, the company’s marketing director. She gave us a glimpse into what they’ve been up to since leaving the Tank without a deal. Here is what she told us about…

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How They’ve Grown

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As a result of Shark Tank, Emergensee has more than tripled the 24/7 professional monitoring and private security sales. Emergensee has developed key strategic partnerships and gained worldwide recognition as a personal safety app leader. In addition, Emergensee continues to further develop the security product line.

New Features Since the ‘Tank’

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SafeWalk: A Precautionary Guardian: Security operators provide a live video escort​ anytime, anywhere, for any Reason.
Anonymous Crime Reporting: See something suspicious or witness a crime? Send anonymous GPS-tagged information directly to security professionals.
Pre-Scripted Police – Fire – EMS: Quickly alert security professionals, which first responder you want dispatched to assist you. Using your GPS Data the nearest first responders are dispatched directly to your location. Reduces response time by more than 50 %.

The Sharks’ Assessments

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The Sharks’ feedback provided​ us with valuable​ ​business improvements, but unfortunately due to not seeing the​ EmergenSee​ Live Demo, they did not fully understand the extent of EmergenSee’s ​Technology​ and wide-ranging feature capabilities.

Advice for Contestants

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We would advise future Shark Tank contestants to fully demo​nstrate​ their products, ​providing detailed information, working within the show constraints, know their business ​numbers and enjoy the ride.