How Did Donald Trump Do in the Republican Debate?

gop debate, donald trump, republican primary debate, republican debate, cnn

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump takes part in the presidential debates at the Reagan Library on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tonight political newcomer Donald Trump was front and center in the CNN GOP debate. How did the businessman do answering his questions in what his presidency would be like?

According to Nate Silver’s Fivethirtyeight, Trump’s chance of being president is still great but Carly Fiorina may be his newest threat. But he still had a majority of the questions directed at him. Fivethirtyeight writes:

Trump has had more questions directed at him (nine) than Carson, Rubio, Huckabee and Walker combined (two for everyone but Walker, who has one.)

Google traffic seems to show that it may be a showdown between Trump and Fiorina.

gop debate, donald trump, republican primary debate, republican debate, cnn


In the graph, Trump is represented in yellow. He maintains a steady stream of searchable interest throughout the debate.

Trump also got into blows with multiple candidates, but mainly Fiorina. Fiorina also had a chance to respond to Trump’s comments about her physical appearance. You can watch that above.

It seems like Trump is still a major presidential hopeful. Watch the full debate here.


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Ed McGunn

Donald thank you , no matter what happens you made the republican party better off.
I am an independent and the fact that you upended the GOP apples cart, makes it possible for me to someday vote for republican again.


I think Fiorina is getting all the attention because she is a woman and no one wants to be called a sexist so they all let her have her way. She will be just like all the other candidates, a puppet to the people and organizations who are giving her money. Trump is the only one who will not be bought. Just today Rick Perry was asked to give back the money these rich folks have him and the reason for that is he can’t help them if he’s not President.


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