Jungle Jumparoo After ‘Shark Tank,’ No Deal, But Significant Increase in Sales: Interview With CEO

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Jungle Jumparoo entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 with its jungle gym. Back then, Heavy interviewed its CEO and founder Steve McMurtrey on the company he started with his wife, Rachel, in their garage in Orem, Utah. As his episode re-airs on Shark Tank Week, we caught up with McMurtrey who told us that, although they did not get a deal on the show, their sales have increased dramatically. Her is also looking to a future where there is a Jungle Jumparoo “in every backyard or home across the country.” He gave us a glimpse into where his company is at now and discussed such topics as…

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Sales After ‘Shark Tank’

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We had more orders in the first two weeks after Shark Tank aired than we had in that entire year. This gave us a good idea of what consumers thought of our product and it opened more doors and opportunities for us. Even if you get a “no” from the Sharks, the exposure is incredible and allows you to see what the market really thinks about your product.

Tripling Their Workforce

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We still have our original employees and we have had to triple our workforce since Shark Tank. We have moved into a bigger warehouse with several more offices and a fun showroom where locals can come try before they buy. It really is the American dream to provide jobs to people, to take something from the ground up and watch it grow.

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His Response to the Sharks’ Feedback

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We took the advice of the Sharks and immediately made changes. These changes were for the better and we were grateful for their sound advice! Some Sharks were worried about liability. Kids can get hurt no matter what activity they are doing. However, because of the strong sturdy poles, the Jungle Jumparoo is a safer way to bounce and this has not been an issue.

Retail Presence

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We continue to supply a wide range of stores, from small family businesses to big-box stores nationwide as well as internationally. We have formed several new distribution partnerships which are very promising. We have some very exciting joint ventures happening this year!

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