WATCH: Marco Rubio Says He Brought His Own Water to Debate

Marco Rubio, Republican Debate, Election 2016

The Florida senator made his comments about bringing his own water bottle to the debate during his opening comments. (Getty)

The Republican presidential candidate said he made sure to bring his own water to the debate on Wednesday night since California has a drought. Check out the moment here:

The entire state of California has suffered for months facing, drought and forest fires that have burned up bone-dry trees in an instant. There has been some reprieve recently with intense storms and heavy sheets of rain in the southern part of the state. However, the rain has come fast and furious, causing flash floods as thousands of people lost power.According to The Los Angeles Times more than 200,000 gallons of storm-water surged out of the San Gabriel sewers, contaminating the river and beaches miles downstream.

Of course, Twitter had a fairly quick response to Rubio’s early-debate comments: