Shark Wheel After ‘Shark Tank’: Interview With COO

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Shark Wheel entered the Shark Tank in Season 6 debuting their unique version of a wheel.

We talked to the COO Zack Fleishman about how the company is doing since the show. Here is what he told us about…

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Growth Since the ‘Tank’

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After airing on Shark Tank, business has been overwhelming in a very good way. Our sales have increased by four times month-over-month and have stayed very consistent. Distributors domestically and internationally have been ordering, retail shops have been calling, and our online sales have exploded. Also, we have been contacted by many major companies to do licensing deals and we are finalizing one of them now. After receiving over 1,000 emails in the first five days after airing, we found out that the demand for wheelchair wheels accounted for 20 percent of our emails. We are currently in development on front wheels for wheelchairs to give people the freedom to go over rough terrain better than they ever have.

Changes to the Product

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We are continuing to innovate every single day at our headquarters. Our skateboarding line is growing quickly-we have three new size wheels coming out in the next few months and already have four different skateboards available for sale now.

Plans for the Future

Shark Wheel plans to become a major player in the skateboarding and longboarding industries. Our sales are dramatically increasing, but we plan to be a fixture in every shop by the end of next year. Shark Wheel will eventually be licensing-heavy. We want to enter no less than 50 wheel industries in the next five to seven years with strategic partners who are looking to stay ahead of the curve and dominate their market. We attract the forward thinkers in each market segment looking to gain a performance advantage and aesthetic advantage over their competition.

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Advice to Future ‘Tank’ Contestants

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Be prepared. Be very prepared. You must know your business inside and out and be prepared to answer rapid-fire questions. Speak with confidence and make sure to never, ever leave the stage to discuss the deal with an advisor. If you watch the show, the deals always change when you turn your backs to the sharks!

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