When Is the Next Republican Debate?

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Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker listens as real estate tycoon Donald Trump speaks during the first Republican presidential debate on August 6, 2015, at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. (Getty)

The next Republican presidential primary debate will be held on September 16, 2015. It takes place at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. This debate is being presented by CNN and will be moderated by Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Hugh Hewitt.

Like the Fox News debate on August 6, this version will be split into two panels, the first taking place at 6 p.m. Eastern time featuring Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, and Lindsay Graham. The second, at 8 p.m., will showcase Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Chris Christie and Rand Paul. Although these line-ups won’t be officially confirmed until September 10. To be in the prime time debate, candidates must have more than one percent in the polls.

The debate will air on CNN and be streamed for free for everybody, even those without a cable subscription, reports Mashable. The stream will be available across the U.S. and in some parts of Canada. This announcement comes as candidate Donald Trump claims he wrote to CNN President Jeff Zucker asking that all profits from the debate be given to U.S. veterans.

In August, the Fox News Republican debate drew a massive rating of 24 million people. Easily surpassing the previous ratings record for a primary debate. The drama of the debate didn’t end that night either as Donald Trump claimed he had been mistreated by Fox anchor Megyn Kelly.

Will Trump take a similar tact against Jake Tapper? Tune in on September 16 to find out.

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