Adacia Chambers: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chambers drove her four-door sedan into a crowd of spectators. (Getty)

Chambers drove her four-door sedan into a crowd of spectators. (Getty)

Adacia Chambers is being held in a Payne County jail following an incident that left four people dead at the annual Sea of Orange Parade at Oklahoma State University.

Police say the 25-year-old Chambers drove her car through the parade, sending “bodies flying” and killing four bystanders before crashing up onto curb. Chambers was arrested on a complaint of driving under the influence Saturday, but is now being held on four counts of second degree murder. More than 50 bystanders were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

The crowd was in attendance of the Sea of Orange parade, an annual tradition that typically draws a crowd of thousands. The OSU football team blew out Kansas later in the day.

In a statement released by Payne County District Attorney Laura Thomas, intends to prove Chambers “purposefully” drove her car into the parade. She stated that “the evidence suggests this was an intentional act, not an accident,” and told the judge at the bail hearing that Chambers is looking at “four life sentences.”

Chambers’ bail has been set at $1 million.

The four victims killed in the crash have been identified. Police said Bonnie Jean and Marvin Stone, both 65, a married couple, and 23-year-old Nakita Prabhakar, a student at the University of Central Oklahoma originally from India, were killed. The fourth fatal victim was 2-year-old Nash Lucas, who died at a hospital Saturday afternoon, KOTV reports.

Here’s what we know about Chambers:

1. She Was Sent Home From Work Saturday Morning Because ‘They Thought She Was on Drugs’

adacia chambers

Adacia’s Twitter avatar. (Twitter)

One of Chambers’ co-workers told Heavy that Chambers was “mature and responsible.” The co-worker, who has been working with Chambers for a few months, said she’s “completely shocked” to hear of her co-worker’s involvement in the accident. The two work at a Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, a franchised restaurant in Stillwater. She said that Chambers is wearing her work shirt in the accident and subsequent arrest photos.

While the two weren’t friends, the co-worker said that Chambers “kept to herself, (and was) definitely not as loud and social as the others.”

As for the day of the incident, we’ve learned more about Chambers’ state at the time of her crash. When asked if anything was different about Adacia lately, the co-worker said, “Nope, not at all. She worked this morning though and people said she ‘looked like she’s on drugs.'” Adacia was supposed to work from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., but was sent home early “because they thought she was on drugs.” Adacia also worked until “at least midnight” on Friday night.

She told us that Chambers worked last night and then this morning, while her father indicated that Adacia went out for Homecoming festivities. That would make for an exhausting run, and could have played a role in Chambers’ state at the time of the accident.

According to Mark Thompson, the owner of Freddy’s, Adacia is “an excellent employee,” who “didn’t appear to be under the influence (when she left).” It is unknown if Thompson was at the restaurant during Chambers’ early departure.

2. Adacia Chambers Was ‘Absolutely’ Suicidal, Her Attorney Said

The attorney for Chambers said he feels she was “absolutely” suicidal and suffering from mental health issues. He does not believe alcohol was involved in the crash.

Attorney Tony Coleman spoke to reporters Sunday evening, after speaking privately with Chambers. He said that while he doesn’t believe Chambers was intoxicated, she may have been suffering from other issues.

“I have deep concerns about her competency at this point. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I can tell you she’s suffering from mental illness,” Coleman said.

When a reporter asked if he believed Chambers to be suicidal, Colman said, “absolutely.”

While Coleman did insist that he is not a psychologist, he said that Chambers’ family has a history of mental health issues and that there were “warning signs” for the past few years. On Monday, Chambers’ family and boyfriend continued to insist that Chambers was not intoxicated, but not well.

3. Chambers Lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma, With Her Boyfriend

adacia chambers

Chambers made this selfie her profile picture on October 18th. (Facebook)

According to her Facebook profile, Chambers is a native of Oologah, Oklahoma. Oologah is approximately 100 miles from Stillwater, where the crash took place. Frank Chambers, Alicia’s father, told The Oklahoman that Adacia lives in Stillwater with her boyfriend. Her now-deleted Facebook page didn’t have many other details besides her entertainment interests, and her pictures didn’t feature anyone besides herself. She has a Google+ and Youtube account, but they were started in 2011 and do not have any posted videos. Her Twitter profile was created in 2013 and consists of three tweets.

In a press conference Sunday night, Chambers’ attorney confirmed that she lives in Stillwater with her boyfriend, OSU student Jesse Gaylord. Gaylord told reporters Monday that his girlfriend was “working two jobs and mentioned having trouble sleeping.” Her father also mentioned Monday that she was planning to move back to Oologah.

4. Chambers’ Stunned Father Said ‘This is Not the Person That’s My Daughter’

A co-worker described Chambers as "mature and responsible". (Facebook)

A co-worker described Chambers as “mature and responsible”. (Facebook)

Frank Chambers told The Oklahoman that he first found out about the incident via social media. The 47-year-old, who resides in Oologah, told the paper that Adacia had attended homecoming festivities the night before, but had been home by 10 p.m. Chambers also confirmed that Adacia lives in Stillwater with her boyfriend.

He told the paper:

“I can’t figure this out. This is not the person that’s my daughter … I can’t imagine alcohol being involved. She is not an alcoholic that I’m aware of. This is just not who she is. They’re going to paint her into a horrible person but this is not (her).”

In front of the courthouse Monday, Chambers re-iterated his earlier statements, and added support for the victims, saying “we’re all Oklahomans.” He said that the Chambers family has lived in Oologah since the 1950s, and that drugs “are not a thing” with him and his extended family. He added that there “may have underlying problems I wasn’t fully aware of,” but that his dauughter would not commit this crime willingly.

5. Chambers Is Facing at Least 4 Counts of Second Degree Murder

A grainy cell phone video shows the moment a car crashed through a crowd at the Oklahoma State homecoming parade in Stillwater on Saturday. Watch it above.

After initially being held on suspicion of driving under the influence, Chambers now faces multiple murder charges. On Monday her bail was set at $1 million, but formal charges were not pressed. That is because other victims are in “fragile” condition, and more charges may be pending. While in jail, Chambers will undergo a psychological evaluation. Formal charges are expected to be pressed at her next hearing, which is scheduled for November 13. If convicted, each separate charge carries a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life in prison.

At around 10:30 a.m. local time Saturday, Chambers drove her silver sedan through a crowd of people at the Oklahoma State Homecoming Parade. Chambers’ vehicle was not part of the parade. The sedan first made contact with a police motorcycle, before barreling through and onto a crowded corner. Coleman stated that he still doesn’t know if Chambers did it willingly, and that he “wasn’t satisfied” with her reasoning for the incident.

Megan Lantz, who was at the parade, told The Oklahoman her account of the crash:

“This is the very end of the parade where all the vehicles start to split off in their own directions. There were probably 100 people on the corner where the car came through. We were facing the parade and heard tires squealing and then started to hear the car hitting things and people and there was screaming and people running away.”

“I think the car was going between 45 and 50 mph, and it just barreled into everybody that was there. I had my six children with me, but I am first aid certified, so I passed them on to my mother and ran in to help. Everyone was helping as much as they could.

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